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How To Move SSL Certificates To A New Server?

December 10, 2013 | By Editor 

Moving of SSL Certificate

There are multiple usage scenarios when users require an encryption certificate moved from one place to another. Each individual requirement could vary because one may have multiple servers and need a single cert being used on all of them. In other scenes, you may have SSL Certificates lying unused or configured with one server, but there’s no website hosted in it. The only way to make sure it gives you value for money is to simply transfer it to the needed server and get it running.

Once again, there are more factors to it than what you can assess directly. The type of server that is being used plays an integral role in this decision making. You may be required to transfer one from windows server to another windows server or from a windows server to apache server. It can also be vice versa due to various reasons. Some people use Tomcat or Java servers and the transfer procedure will vary from one to another drastically.

Before beginning the steps, make sure that you have installed one or more SSL certificates in an existing server. Installing a new one is an entirely different process and requires first time authentication from the certificate authorities. During transfer, you can choose to export the cert, convert it into a different format so as to suit the proposed server or important the certificates along with the private key to your existing websites. The steps will vary from one server to another.

Windows Servers

For windows servers, it is mandatory to export the existing cert into a .pfx file before moving to other steps. Along with the private key and intermediate certificates, take an export of the .pfx file to begin with. The next step is to import it to the new server as well as the private key. The final and most important step to make sure it is properly working by integrating it with IIS. Configure the certs properly because if they are not in action, no encryption will be done and it puts users as well as the webmaster with the risk of compromised information.

Exporting  a new SSL is done using the MMS console found in the windows server. After you completed the basic steps, configuring it in IIS with Exchange is the final step. Go to properties, click on directory security tab and server certificate button to begin the certificate wizard. Choose assign an existing cert and simply import the file, which is already in your PC.

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