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SSL Certificates Influence On Search Engine Ranking

March 28, 2013 | By  

A majority of the e-commerce business owners assume that encrypting data with SSL certificates may lead to a debacle in their search engine rankings. Even those who are about to establish a shop are not only worried about security but also about their global rankings because product sales hugely depend on how well it reach the masses. Before you come to any conclusions, it is important to know the basic factors that influence the output. Moreover, even though finding maximum buyers for products is the most vital part of any business, make sure you keep your visitors safe. Private data like credit card details should always be transferred in encrypted format so that even if someone steals it, no information will be revealed or can be decrypted.

Search Engine Ranking And SSL

 Search engine bots

The role played by the search engine bots is inevitable in the ranking structure. When you use a paid SSL or free ssl, the concept is quite similar. Data will be encrypted usually with 256-bit or 128-bit encryption methods, sent over the internet after a handshake is established with the remote connection. This is to ensure that the receiving party is the intended recipient and information is not being wrongly sent to someone else. Sometimes, it is believed that search engine bots find it difficult to crawl your pages because of this secured format. While it is not completely false, you can always choose to allow or disallow crawling in certain pages so as to make your website more private besides being secured.

Monitoring crawl settings

There are various commands that you can specify using a robots.txt file which will allow you to monitor, streamline and validate search engine bot crawling. If a website has the said file, all settings mentioned in it will be taken into account. For websites with many domains for SEO purposes, wildcard ssl is a much viable option. They will help you cover all your sub-domains without having to use different security certificates on all your pages. If you like to keep your page more open, you can choose to use the secure cert only in specific pages and leave the rest open for crawling.

For serious companies, extended validation or EV SSL is the most premium type available. A reputed certificate authority like Comodo can ultimately meet your needs efficiently and provides custom SSL certificate for all types of users. Comodo is your single point for online security solutions.

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