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How Comodo’s Certificate Manager Helps Large Businesses Organize SSL Certificates

February 4, 2013 | By  

There is nothing wrong with size and being successful. Securing should be done by legit ssl certificates. In fact, when you’re operating a large business with multiple websites and pages to secure for online protection of your important customers, nothing is better than having the ‘problem’ of having to worry about large volume website security concerns. This is what Comodo’s Certificate Manager was designed and developed to offer companies protection of the highest order.

The advanced features of the Certificate Manager offered by Comodo are similar to the Wildcard SSL certificates that are offered from Comodo and accomplishes virtually the same thing. The goal of both of these programs is to securely manage several web pages with large volumes of digital certificates that a single company must have in order to protect their entire online presence. Where the Comodo Certificate Manager excels when compared to the Wildcard SSL and EV SSL Certificates (Extended Validation) is that they can protect ancillary certificates not solely on your specific web pages.

Managing SSL Certificates Easier

For example, Comodo’s Certificate Manager works with both external and internal SSL Certificates such as the EV SSL certificates, S/MIME email – client authentication certificate programs, code signing, device and several other SSL certificates. Even better – this system is cloud based, which means zero hardware to be purchased or installed or PKI management experience to be required.

Some of the Key features of the Certificate Manager through Comodo include:

  • Certificate Administration: This allows you to build an extensive catalog of all of your SSL, Email and Client Authentication certificate programs which will permit each to be approved, enrolled, issued, revoked and renewed quickly.
  • External and Internal Discovery Scan: This feature gives administrators the power to track their digital certificates that were purchased through other SSL Security vendors and even display the details of each certificate.
  • Multi-tiered Web Interface: This secure administration platform provides flexible organizational structure of all managerial domain programs that will adjust to a business model based on your specific parameters.
  • Email Configuration Notification: When you access the email certificate options in the Comodo Certificate Manager you have the ability to create a notification program that will tell you about any email approval, request, approval, revocation and expiration issues involved .
  • Expiration Notification: This is one of the best features of the Management program. Network Administrators have the ability to review the expiration date, day-month-year of all the issued certificates and then set up automatic renewal programs as well.

Unlike many of the free ssl certificate programs that Comodo offers to protect small business SSL Security programs, the Certificate Manager program is designed to permit full-control of all online threats a large business tends to be pounded with daily. And although it is very important to have the right individual Certificates such as EV SSL certificates to provide your customers safety and assurance when visiting your websites, having a one-stop-shop for all your certificate management needs is what the Comodo Certificate Manager does best. Take a closer look at the Comodo Certificate Manager and contact Comodo to set up a demo.

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