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Google Docs Use SSL Encryption And Allow Open Viewing

October 9, 2013 | By  

Google Docs

With a view to help users access files instantly and avoid wasting time in logging in, Google is planning to allow people to view their content directly for easy data management. Even though, this open source will let the person view the file, one can’t edit or make other changes without logging in. When logged in, the usual rule of the administrator allowing access to individual user id to edit it will be checked before such freedom is granted.

The story behind this new addition is still under cover but it is a move to promote Google products to users who are still not so familiar with this service. Even though, majority of users around the globe use these services, there are different countries where the brand is not so famous or allowed by companies due to being foreign in nature. It aims to encourage people to share documents or presentations allowing them to be in touch with those who don’t have an account with the company.

Those who doesn’t have can now view the content without having to sign up or sign in. The company in its press statement revealed that they are designed to make it easy to share files beyond their Google accounts. The files as usual will always be protected using SSL Certificates which stops any third party from trying to download or share it without authorized access. Encryption is always the best tool that helps individuals and corporates secure their data without losing it to hackers or malware attackers.

Google Docs is undergoing this change shortly and it also disabled the ability to import files into microsoft office document format which faced criticism among its users. But, this idea is expected to receive good comments and allow people to be in better collaboration with users around the world.

Google Docs is expected to join a new set of users and is looking forward to dominate Microsoft Office which is considered the best in data management. While online management is purely based on encryption solutions offered by SSL certificates, there are situations where companies prefer the other company’s product more because it is the conventional one being used by them all for over two decades now.

The best way is to simplify the process for users and asking them to sign in every time is not the most convenient manner. Because of this reason, Google plans to make it easy to share files and join their service only if editing is mandatory.

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