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Google Begins Upgrading Its SSL Certificates

August 26, 2013 | By  

Officially, it has been declared that the search engine giant Google has begun upgrading all its SSL certificates to provide better security and privacy. The importance of these certificates is now evident and even those who were completely unaware of the encryption can now realize that they are integral to provide best protection online. Malware threats are constantly on the rise because of  hackers and third parties trying to compromise important data. In an attempt to curb such issues, provide secured environment for users to browse and stop loss of data, Google has now commenced the huge process of upgrading all their SSL certificates to 2048 bit keys which is the highest possible encryption available.

The upgrade process will take plenty of time but by focusing all its manpower, resources and facilities available, the company aims to complete the task before the end of 2013 which is quite fast. Only such a huge company can accomplish this feat so early as they consider it important.

Ultimate Goal – Better Security

The ultimate goal of this project that Google has initiated is to beef up security in all the services that they offer. In a press release, the company confirmed that they are not only upgrading external SSL certificates but also the root certificate which is being used prevalently to sign all other certificates for different services. At present, the team is working on analyzing the requirement while a different team has already begun the work.

Because of being closely integrated with various other devices, client applications and programs, Google has set forth certain conditions that should be met. The conditions are focused towards offering best compatibility when the SSL certificates are completely upgraded. The rules include normal validation of certificate chain, extensive set of root certificates and support for subject alternative names or SANS.

Better Compatibility

The terms and conditions facilitates Google clients to continue communicating with their services even after the 2048 bit encryption comes into vogue. Most business and companies will hardly be affected by this process, assures the company. The step is initiated to reduce intrusions, hacker eavesdropping and also provide highest possible encryption which makes data loss extremely difficult. SSL certificates and their importance is being implied by Google which claimed that it is going to always stay ahead to provide secure services. Similarly, it is an important aspect for all online merchants, corporates and website owners to assure safety.

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