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Google Adopts SSL Certificate Encryption To Avoid Surveillance

September 11, 2013 | By  

Enterprises should consider using SSL Certificate to encrypt data the right way and keep their website secure from other trespassing users. This claim is now confirmed by Google when the search engine company announced their attempt create better encryption solutions for all their online data transactions. Besides, they also confirmed that no backdoors or access will be provided to the NSA which is an attempt to prove that the company looks forward to support their loyal customers. Even though, every tech company is willing to provide data for the purpose of safety, it is constant surveillance and unauthorized instant access to database that annoys consumers. The public pays for the internet and expects to be more secure while maintaining the privacy levels. Encryption is an excellent method which is made easy with SSL Certificate on websites. The cert will take care of the process.

Certificate authorities with strong base in the user segment are viable SSL Certificate sources. Google is planning to cryptographically secure data at their storage centers. Similarly, if enterprises take steps to ensure their customer data is private, it will increase trust, business and overall conversion rate. Individual privacy technologies are in complete control of the organization and can be used to configure according to individual needs. Besides, when tech companies use SSL Certificate to provide better security, individual implementation will further enhance the security level thus creating a hub like protection for users within. This assures every individual that their data and transactions are safe with the highest possible security features.

Security experts suggest all major services including Facebook, Google and Microsoft services are being monitored by different agencies. Users can chose to not use them or accept their terms to be part of the bigger picture. Enterprises and companies using SSL Certificate are not only secure but they create a barrier for themselves which shows their level of being independent. Experts suggest that major list of countries are involved for evident security reasons but growing enterprises chose to be away at the moment so as to focus on better service. Consumers looking forward to be part of cloud storage can choose websites secured with ssl certificate and also provide better assurance of encryption as well as customer support. Assesing own risks and coming up with valid solutions to face individual challenges is a must take step for enterprises to be ahead of this privacy wave.

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