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Wildcard SSL And Other Types To Choose From

December 17, 2012 | By  

One of the main benefits associated with SSL certificates is that they can provide a secure connecting when browsing through a particular website. Particularly, wildcard ssl is useful for securing various sub domains. This is why they are especially useful if you’re someone who owns or operates your own website. Remember that communication over the Internet is becoming more and more prominent. A SSL certificate can ultimately make the connection much safer for everyone involved. In the following sections, we’ll talk about a few of the more prominent benefits associated with SSL certificates.

What Kind of SSL Certificates Are There?

First, we are going to talk about the different kinds of SSL certificates that are available. You can typically purchase them from different companies and doing so will provide you with a different amount of security and connection quality. For example, you can choose between Wildcard SSL certificates or EV SSL certificates.

The strength of a wildcard ssl certificate can range anywhere from 34 to 128 bits of protection. Someone who owns a small business website would probably be able to manage fine with a 48 bit Wildcard SSL certificate. It cost less than the 128 bit certificate which typically isn’t required for a business of this size.

Safer Internet Communication

To put simply, SSL certificates are highly beneficial for websites in today’s age. One reason why this is true is because online data is becoming more and more prone to theft. SSL certificates provide a heightened level of encryption that will allow online companies and websites to operate securely. Keep in mind that SSL certificates work just as well for non-business websites as they do for business ones.

Stop Hackers and Information Thieves

As you already know, the Internet is full of thieves who are always attempting to steal private information and data. Well, it should provide you with some peace of mind knowing that the 128 bit Wildcard SSL certificate cannot be hacked into. This is one of the main reasons why so many websites are investing in them. The price that you pay for an EV SSL certificate of this strength will typically depend on the company that you’re purchasing from as well as any “extras” that come with it.

Ideal Solution – Free Comodo SSL Certificate And Wildcard SSL

The good news is that if you want a free SSL certificate for your business website then you can opt for Comodo. Keep in mind that it’s completely free. All that you would be required to do is sign up, which takes relatively no time at all. From there, you can choose their free SSL certificate package and start experiencing the benefits right away. If you own or operate an e-commerce website then Comodo should be the first place you check for an SSL certificate.

Also keep in mind that Comodo is an Internet company that is reputable and one that you can trust. They offer a wide range of services, and free SSL certificates are just one of them. The strength of their free SSL certificates comes in both a 128-bit and 256-bit data encryption. This makes them relatively difficult to hack into and should provide you online business with the safety that you deserve.

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