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Why Dedicated IPs Is Not Must For SSL Certs?

April 11, 2013 | By  

Buyers are usually flooded with information and sometimes misleading claims will make things complex than they are. One such statement is that SSL certificates need a dedicated ip to operate properly which is not as legitimate as it sounds. Webmasters, e-commerce site owners and online retailers assume that actually two different ips are equired to use encryption services. The http is the default web address for any address which will change into https when you use a certificate. Before you complicate the statement trying to figure out various technical terms, know the basic fact that these certificates are actually data and have little to do with sockets, ports or ip addresses in the first place.

SSL Certificate – The Purpose

The certs are designed by default to work properly with all types of servers including Apache, Cpanel as well as different operating systems like Linux or Windows based servers. While there are requirements posed by a Wildcard SSL to function properly, it is not the same for other types of secure certificates. As multiple domains are secured in this method, you might have to optimize the server for better search engine ranking and configure it properly during installation.

Server And IP Ports

By default, whatever the type of certificate it is, be it free ssl or a premium variant like the ev ssl, they will authenticate with the server only through a single ip/port. The server will automatically detect the certificate to use because there will always be only one server per port. Even when you have different domains and all of them run on the same server, they will automatically go back to the same IP to retrieve details. Browsers will never find this process wrong or complicated because it’s a default setup where as many domains as required can be run on the same platform without any issues.

When establishing a connection with TLS, you can make use of Server Name Indication which is a relatively new extension. You can also opt to use a dedicated IP for each domain in case you use many of them because they make it easy to establish a handshake  and retrieve SSL certificates from the server.

Comodo is a certificate authority with over a decade of existence and have won several accolades for innovating the secure certificate industry. The company formed the Browser forum and issues certs at affordable price range for customers of all types.

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