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SSL Certificates, The Key to Gain Customer Confidence

February 4, 2013 | By  

One of the best tools any successful online business has at its disposal is the use of quality SSL Certificates to keep the connection secure and trustworthy for any visitor to your website. A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate is designed to ensure that anytime a visitor visits your website, your secure information stays safe and your visitor private information also remains private. It is this key feature of any successful online business that truly creates consumer confidence in today’s internet generation.

Each online business operates under different platforms. From WordPress E-commerce websites to HTML-5 designed online shopping stores powered by custom built PHP script, the need for  a quality SSL Certificate such as the ones Comodo offers remains constant in establishing consumer confidence. In fact, according to published reports by several consumer groups, nearly 75% of all online shoppers first verify that a website is protected by reliable SSL Certificates prior to entering any private information.

However, why is installing SSL Certificates so critical these days?


  • They provide security and safety to all visitors to your websites as well as showcase your company’s dedication to quality and integrity. This places your brand and product on a higher level than your competitors who might not use a reliable SSL Certificate to power their online presence.
  • SSL certificate will also ensure your customers can trust that you have their best interest in mind at all times. Identity theft is rampant across the world today, and SSL Certificates provided by reliable vendors such as Comodo help to reduce the potential of online hacks and identity theft by encrypting the connection between the user and your server.
  • The use of a properly installed and reliable SSL Certificate will also significantly increase your conversion ratio that instantly increases product sales and generates more revenue for any online business.
  • The right SSL Certificate installed on your website will place your company in the same league as some of the most trustworthy companies on the planet such as HP, Apple, and NASA, who rely on Comodo software to power their online connections each day.

Simply put, the question that you as a business owner should be asking is why haven’t I installed SSL Certificates before and how much potential business have I lost by not having a secured connection? The truth is that in order to grow, you can’t live in the past. But you can learn from mistakes and ensure they don’t occur again.

It is for this specific reason that installing and using trustworthy SSL Certificates is the best way to engage your future customers and provide an extra layer of protection for any online connection. And simply by installing a high-quality SSL Certificate on your ecommerce website, you can begin to build that bridge of trust that all companies actively search to obtain with all of their current customers and any potential customers they work so hard to attract, capture, work  and create long lasting relationships with.

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