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Expired SSL Certificate Led To Windows Azure’s Crash

March 1, 2013 | By  

Technology experts and professionals have been arguing over the issue for days now as to how expired SSL Certificates can led to crash of something as huge as Microsoft’s cloud storage system Azure. Huge tech giants are usually conscious of their security measures and deploy maximum manpower in ensuring that their services continue to run without interruptions. Despite such preventive measures, the company witnessed many issues with their storage services which soon started showing prominent impact on their other services as well within the same time period.

Expired SSL cert and issues

Reliable news sources reveal that apart from Azure cloud services, their plus media encoding and on-demand streaming were also affected. The company began sending out information on their official page so as to keep their users updated on the ongoing events.

A prominent notice that was formally confirmed specified the Storage SSL traffic was affected even though the actual reason behind the occurrence was revealed only in a later stage. The HTTPS issue is usually caused by improper functioning of encryption certification, which you can always rectify by opting for reliable solutions from service providers. A lapse in the certification is an important issue which you should always be aware of!

After a considerable period, Microsoft took measures to restore operations in order. A later release from the company representative confirmed that their Windows Azure Storage was typically affected because of an expired certificate that was in use. While apologizing for the inconvenience caused, the company also assured that it will be restored at the earliest possible time period, via its Twitter account messages.

One of the most important factor that has to be taken into account include the fact that Microsoft faced such an issue for the second time because of expired certification. This stands proof to the fact that you should always renew ssl certificate before its actual expiry date so as to ensure your operations are in proper order. A huge list of factors will go into consideration when such outages occur but as the technology giant confirmed, use of expired certification is definitely of importance. When you sign up with a service provider, they will automatically notify you of the same before the year ends so that you can apply for a renewal at the earliest.

The Necessity Of Keeping SSL Certificates Updated   

Because of various reasons, a technology provider like Microsoft may not openly state the reasons as to what caused this outage in their service. But, they have openly declared that it was the expiry issue that affected them in the first place which is proof positive to say that they are extremely important for every website which deals with sensitive data as well as personal information. This latest news suggests the importance of using such certificates for all sizes and types of organizations.

Be it small, medium or large business organizations and any type of service provider, securing their data as well as their customers’ data is a primary task. If you are with a notion that choosing the best SSL certificate from a huge list of service providers will be a hard task, you are absolutely wrong. Based on various reviews and lab tests conducted by tech specialists around the globe, one can confidently choose certification services provided by Comodo, a leader’s in internet security and SSL solutions. The services are highly reliable and are cost efficient as well, because the pricing for an entire year is quite affordable when compared to other providers. Based on your individual requirements, you are free to choose the one you need from different types of certificates offered by Comodo.

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