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Emails Leverage SEO Results

March 17, 2015 | By  


While, e-mails are not capable of directly influencing SEO rankings, smart businesses can use mails to further campaign their SEO initiatives.

The tie up between Email and SEO is not an apparent one, considering the fact that Google is not crawling and ranking  individual mails. However, an email serves as a useful tool for keeping audience engaged and directing traffic in an unique way. Email as a tool improves a SEO initiative and can be extremely effective if done properly.

The following are a few strategies to convert email marketing into an effective SEO initiative.

Boost Email Campaigns

Sending over 100 emails about “SSL certificate for your business needs” and hoping that the key term will rank higher on Google is beyond illogical.  However,  a helpful  marketing resources campaign can support in attracting  searchers for diversified marketing-related keyterms.

Although email might not help in the ranking process, incentivizing it with encouraging comments and sharing will help move the factors that Google prioritizes to see in its page.

For instance, just imagine you have written a informative article about generating leads from social networking websites on your blog.

Your site might garner some organic traffic but an email added to your list about how these lead generation strategies work will increase the number of views  your article receives.

Rich Site Summary (RSS) and Regularizing Content Consumption

While comments can certainly be helpful for SEO, giving subscribers other ways to access your content is also important. The idea is not only to use emails to drive sales, but also to encourage  subscribers to stay connected to your content.

If people want to access your blog posts in your mail , make it clear to them that they should connect through RSS. You can also deliver regular updates from a section of your blog to subscribers who have a  separate email list for the same. If  subscribers love your videos or photos, tell them to subscribe to You Tube or Instagram to stay connected.

These techniques allow your regular email activity to keep people connected to your fresh,  content, regardless of whether they are explicitly driven to your content or not.

Well, the above points pop up a new question as to how good your SEO rankings improve if majority of your email subscribers also follow you on Facebook or Twitter?

How many views and blog comments would you receive, if you had 20 times as many subscribers through email or RSS to get your latest blog posts?

This technique can be a possible booster to an SEO initiative.

Saving News Letter

There is time consumption in writing emails. Lastly, email takes time to write. Neither does Google does not register newsletter content nor does it impact your SEO rankings.  If you are planning to send useful content, then re-use and re-purpose it using certain ways.

  • If you have long newsletters, convert them into individual blog posts copying the same content and inserting relevant  links and get it live on your page.
  • If you have short newsletters, consolidate several related newsletters and turn over four to five emails together as a single blog post.

This technique will work as it allows non-subscribers to gain some of your insights and read your messages. It also gives you a superior content for ranking, instead of leaving it dumped in inboxes.

Emails can help drive SEO results. It is a fact.  All the methods mentioned above can influence your email list such that your SEO rankings get a double boost.

Determine the  SEO initiatives that are important for your firm and also the ways you could use emails to leverage those SEO initiatives.

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