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Does Pricing Matter When You Buy EV SSL?

April 12, 2013 | By  

For any product, pricing does play an important role in determining the decision to purchase it. While there are free and paid version of secure certificates, the premium variant of the certificate, EV SSL  usually comes in the high cost bracket. This is because issuing the same is not done by simply validating your domain but  with a whole lot of steps  to ensure that your organization does exist in the real world, before you get certified. Such extensive measures were introduced to help customers identify the most legitimate companies and the sellers who will willingly go through rigorous verification process in order to prove their credibility. Each certificate authority sells the same at a specific price point yet Comodo continues to be the most affordable yet feature rich online security product seller in the industry.

What determines the price factor of SSL certs?

The pricing of the extended validation SSL is mandatory because the certificate authority will be required to verify your authenticity, the data that you produce as well as the physical existence of your company. This will vary from one CA to another but if you are looking for reliable cheap ssl certificates for encryption at an affordable price, Comodo will be able to offer you the solution. Besides, the company has instant brand recognition around the globe making it easy for customers to identify that you are in a secure space. The certificates come with Site Seal, https url and green address bar by default which offer instant recognition to the visitors.

Choosing a company

There are so many companies competing to provide affordable ssl certificates to buyers. While they do assure that their features are the best, it is your responsibility to check out what product will best suit your needs. Some of the common factors that should be taken into account include 99.9% browser compatibility, 256 bit encryption, proper technical support among others. Comodo provides all the above said features including money back guarantee and a free site seal.

Comodo EV SSL is a quality, premium product designed by the certificate authority specifically to suit consumer requirement. Every e-commerce website and online retailer should use the extended validation to gain consumer confidence while promoting their website at the same time for better business. Know more about the product features, the type of benefits offered by the company and different pricing scenarios before you decide to invest in a security solution that takes care of all your needs.

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