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SSL Certificates Are Many – What Should Be Yours?

February 25, 2013 | By  

With so many different types of SSL certificates promoted by organizations, you may find it really difficult to make a decision. Most website owners are left in the lurch when they are flabbergasted with so many options  they have  but here’s a very simple dummies guide to help you make the best possible choice. For those who are still new, the secured sockets layer certification notifies your visitors that sensitive private data that they enter is always transmitted in an encrypted format for maximum security.

There are over half-a-dozen types available in the market and each one is designed to meet the specific requirements of their client. You can get your website certified with single domain, multiple domain, sub-domains or even with extended validation SSL Certificates, based on your customer niche as well as the mode of business. The sense of security created by such methods are statistically proven to increase customer trust which in turn leads to excellent sales figures and brand reputation for you! By getting certified with ssl certificates, you can actually grow your business and reach new heights with better consumer confidence.

The most widely used ssl certificates and their effective users would be,

  • Shared SSL Certificates

For those who are keen on cutting down their expenses yet like to have a protected environment for their customers can comfortably opt for shared certificates. They are always issued for free without any additional costs. However, they are issued in the server name and can only be identified with the same, not your domain name. If you have minimal transactions in your website, you can go for this option.

  • Domain Validated

When you like to have a dedicated, domain validation, this type of SSL Certificate is the best way to go about it. If you gather credit card information for shopping or any other payment scenarios, this validation method will ensure that no browser warnings are displayed and your domain will be directly associated.

  • Company/ Organization Validated

Apart from validating your domain, this type of SSL Certificates validate the organization or company, which is vital if you like to reassure your customers when they share tconfidential information. In order to get this, you will be expected provide original copies of the existing organization.

  • Extended Validation

The EV certification combines domain, company validation along with other rigorous verification process. It will be issued to those who meet the guidelines and terms set by the CA/Browser forum. The address bar will turn green in this option which will visibly certify your authenticity.

  • Wildcard Certificate

For websites with many sub-domains, wildcard ssl certificates is an ideal option. It allows you to secure all of them with a single issue. However, you should have the same second level domain in order to execute this process which is considered vital for better brand building.

  • Multi-Domain Certificate

Even though, this is a similar concept to wild card, the advantage that you can gain is the ability to use different second level domain without restrictions. You can secure  hundreds of domains within this certification.

Some common facts about SSL Certificates is that they are issued on an annual basis. You have complete freedom to choose a plan of your choice. And, you will also have the option to change to a different mode based on your immediate requirement. The time taken for issuing the same will vary from one to other. So, it is you r responsibility to apply for a new one at least a week prior to its expiry date. As they are considered to be a visible indicator of secured transactions, you are bound to gain better customer trust online.

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