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Cloud Websites And SSL Certificate Encryption For Security

October 1, 2013 | By  

Cloud Websites SSL Certificate

Storing information on the cloud is now more popular than ever because of the convenience and ease of access that it offers. Companies have different policies with regards to the same but using SSL Certificate encryption is considered to be the chief security measure that can be implemented throughout the network. When blocking these websites, some enterprises apply wrong policies that decrease productivity and hinder the work experience forcing employees to adopt new ways to access their most wanted files.

A recent statistics revealed this information which claimed that when websites like NetFlix is blocked to save bandwidth and keep the employees focused on their job but in fact they are allowing malware websites to pass through. The most commonly known names are instantly blocked but least known ones are the most vulnerable using which attackers inject malware into the entire network. Safeguarding it needs drastic measures and proper planning.

IT companies are not so aware of the concept of SSL Certificate protecting their transactions and popular cloud based services using them. Instead of focusing on the security aspect, the admins are more concerned about productivity and bandwidth usage. This approach is completely wrong because even though every company wants to promote employees to work better and save usage limits for the ultimate aim is to keep the organization secure from attackers. Over 500 different cloud services are prevalent around the globe and it is near impossible to monitor them all to make informed decisions.

IT Admins rely more on popularity because employees are more likely to use them to access services but skip the lesser known ones which are the main target for malware developers. Backup services are also being blocked but it is something that should be given access to avoid business files being corrupted in single storage drives.

A structured plan for using SSL Certificate secured cloud based services are missing in organizations which is evident from the research conducted in recent times. Admins are expected to be more proactive and create a list of useful, white-listed services is essential so as to not only increase productivity but allow employees to save business documents in multiple location for easy access. Failing to keep files in secured places can lead to huge loss for corporations because if they are all lost, the work has to be commenced right from the beginning one more time. Social media websites can also help in better communication if used efficiently.

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