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SSL Certificates – How they boost ecommerce sales?

February 20, 2013 | By  

With more than 80% of all online shoppers only visiting and purchasing from ecommerce stores with reliable SSL Certificates installed on their websites; it is easy to see why these two go hand in hand. According to recent reports from several consumer groups, the most important factor in the minds of online shoppers is online privacy and security when websites are traditionally powered by high-quality and trustworthy SSL Certificate software.

For those who might not know; Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates are highly advanced computer software algorithms that provide a secure connection between the website host server and the online visitor to your website. This one-on-one secure connection ensures that any information that is displayed or entered on this website is only visible to the individual computer user and the host server.

Without this important safety and security measure; the computer user risks having their personal information stolen by a third party hacker or cyber thief; who prey on unsuspecting shoppers by stealing their identities, bank account information and even their hard earned assets.

It is for this direct purpose that every successful ecommerce online store is powered and protected by highly reliable SSL Certificates such as the ones powered and built by Comodo.

It is very easy for any computer user to identify a website that is protected by these SSL Certificates. Three common methods of identification and website verifications include:

  • Menu bar EV SSL Certificates: this security measure will display in the URL menu bar as an https connection and is often highlighted in either green or yellow. These colors indicate that the website is authentic, is verified by the SSL Certificate vendor and is protected by an encrypted network.
  • Standard SSL Certificate Identification: most websites however are protected by standard SSL certificates that are noted at the bottom of each webpage they protect. The seal or trademark of the SSL Certificate vendor are proudly showcased on these websites and when clicked, provide important information to the consumer about the secure connection, the verification standards and most importantly; that their online connection is free from cyber threats.

As such, when consumers visit an ecommerce website, they tend to actively search for these identifying marks. When they see the Comodo brand on an ecommerce website, they are confident that their online shopping experience will be protected by NIST recommended 2048 bit signatures and providing 256 bit encryption of data. Comodo is a highly reliable and trustworthy name in the online security software industry, and many online shoppers will choose to shop on websites powered by the most reliable SSL Certificate provider when comparing competitor websites.

The power of ecommerce is here to stay, but can only be successful in reaching your potential customers by protecting them from cyber-attacks. When you install a Comodo SSL Certificate to your website, you gain the ability to take care of your most important business asset – your customers; they become confident in your company; your brand and the goods and services you provide to be top-notch and of high quality.

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