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An Inside Look Into SSL Certificate and Its Consumer Benefits

September 3, 2013 | By  

Shopping online used to be a trend in the past but now its more of a necessity and consumers can never say no to this technology enhancement because of the convenience it offers. But, when doing so, there are plenty of threats that one might come across and all of them are secured using a single SSL Certificate. The purpose of secure certificates is known to the merchants more than consumers because most of them know about these integration only through a green address bar and the use of secure icon on the bottom of the screen.

What they actually do is a question that will seldom be answered by an online shopper. For starters, one can know the simple fact that they often use their credit card and other banking information to pay for the goods. Such information will be encrypted using the ssl certificate so that the data transfer can be done without issues. Hackers prowling the internet will not know that particular packet of data contains sensitive information.

Share private information securely

Even, if a third party manages to download or block the information from reaching its prescribed destination, the data they get will be fully encrypted. The SSL Certificate is responsible for completing this task properly and it will make sure that the highest encryption module of 128 bit or 2048 bit encryption is deployed. As an end user, the consumers gain the advantage of being able to  share information online without being victim to data thefts. The online merchant hardly has any role to play in this area.

Any company can buy SSL Certificate issued by a certificate authority and upload it on their server. The CA will take care of the encryption process and provide the required support to these websites. Consumers simply have to look forward to these icons and if it is done by a reputed certificate authority, they can comfortably share their information.

Shop assurance

When shopping, the assurance for digital safety is provided by the SSL Certificate. They are found in almost every online shop because one can’t simply buy without providing the necessary banking information or card details. Even though, there are services like Paypal which act as mediators to these credit card information, still it is important to be on the safer side. The ssl certificate is not only limited to online shops but should also be used in corporate websites and pages where sensitive information is being collected. The information need not be related to money all the time but can be an email address which is the key element to phishing attacks.

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