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The Technologies that any Web Host Should Support

February 17, 2017 | By  

Looking out for the right potential web host with the critical metrics taking the mainstay?? Adding to it the potential host that you are bound to choose has to support certain specific technologies. Considering this as a norm, choose a hosting provider which gives support to five important technologies.

The Technologies that any Web Host Should Support

1. cPanel Control Panel

Hosting accounts uses cPanels as the standard industry norms for control panels. The cPanels allow access to the features and it also aids in customizing the server settings. The cPanel is so user-friendly that any non-tech personnel can get their hands on the panel interface.

2. Script Installer

Implement the use of the right script installer to install web applications in just a single click. Website Providers are sometimes generous in delivering such Script Installers at zero costs while some put an additional charge for the service.

3. MySQL Database

Most of the users opt for MySQL database which is seamlessly fast and does not require a lot of resources in comparison to its alternative. There is no issue with host compatibility as the database is well equipped to run on both Windows and Linux.

4. SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate provides a cryptographic protocol to encrypt the transactions dealt in and out of the website. If your website is through to deal with financial and other sensitive transactions by the user then make sure that your host provides the best SSL certificate to ensure that your website is safe and secure for such vital transactions. SSL Certificates provide 256-bit encryption between the website and the browser.

5. PHP Support

The website host provides the most vital PHP scripting language which runs server side and establishes dynamic web pages. Most commonly hosts offer PHP support in their most basic packages, but it’s still recommended that you check with your host before buying a hosting plan.


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