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Hidden Lynx Group Hacks For Best Bounty

September 19, 2013 | By  

Hacking is becoming a trend and a profession for people who just can’t get enough of adrenaline in a regular job. Multiple hacker groups work from around the globe and usually their country of origin is always hidden. Sometimes, the best even hail from different places but unite with the sole motive to prove their prowess and Hidden Lynx, a hacking group is one such team which is considered far more notorious than others. Security experts revealed that they managed to bypass even tough SSL Certificate and other security measures to hack government websites in almost all major countries including South Korea and USA. The group is also said to be working for the highest bidder who offers them best bounty and help them in bringing down any digital establishment as per requirement. They use sophisticated tactics and some excellent tools which are not readily accessible for every hacker group even though they prevail everywhere.

Security firms work in unison to identify such groups and bring them under control. The report also revealed that this suspected Hidden Lynx group primarily operate from China. Talking to the press, the representative revealed that this group deploys a more systematic approach to display skill set which is far advanced than similar group named Comment Crew in the same region. A dedicated team is tracking these hacker activities for many years. They even launched large scale attacks that brought down SSL Certificate security in huge multinational companies including Google which is an alarming reveal for the security companies. Other two subgroups have also been identified who work for bounty named Team Moudoor and Team Naid.

After much consideration and research, security firms revealed that the team Hidden Lynx will have atleast 50 to 100 hacking experts under their control because launching such massive attacks is impossible without such a dedicated team. They even managed to create a SSL Certificate tool, a digi cert program that can sign malware without being detected or showing evidences of tampering. Considered hackers for hire and said to be targeting both public as well as private organizations, it is evident that they don’t operate like Anonymous who always have a motive behind their attacks. This group is driven by bounties and being available for anyone to hire seems like a threatening issue for the internet.

Make sure to use secure certificate, antivirus program and keep files safe in an era where security issues are rife. Every other hacker is prowling the web to grab private data and it is user responsibility to safeguard themselves.

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