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Why Should You Install a Secondary System Backup?

January 21, 2013 | By  

Most PC’s these days come well-equipped with several bells and whistles. From creative software programs that allow you to edit video and post it online with a single click of the mouse to highly advanced word processing programs, there are many important features that computer users simply can’t live without. But one of the hidden gems of most computers sold today are the factory-built backup systems that allow you to back up your important files in case a problem occurs with your computer.

If you just asked yourself – “my computer didn’t come installed with a cool back up system” don’t worry – you’re not alone. Sadly most computer companies consider a reliable computer backup file system located outside of your computer to be a luxury item – and tend not to offer this system to their customers unless they pay a hefty fee.

However, there are several free internet security programs which will provide you with an important secondary backup system so if your computer does fail – you won’t lose important files which can often never be retrieved. One of the most reliable backup programs that are offered to computer users for free is the System Backup offered from Comodo.

Comodo offers this free system backup to computer users across the world for absolutely zero financial charge. There are no special contracts to sign nor will you ever be asked to pay for this system backup. It is extremely easy to install thanks to a user friendly installation wizard, and works with virtually every PC system on the market today – PC or Mac; no problem.

Some of the key features of this free internet security download include:

  • Comodo’s Patented Smart Profile System: when you activate the Comodo System Backup program through the online storage platform, this program will automatically search and group every document, video, photo, mp3 or other file into a single profile. This permits the users to access each file from a simple location.
  • User Friendly Interface: what good is any computer software program if it is hard to use? Comodo realizes this fact and has developed the System Backup to be extremely user friendly from the moment it is downloaded. There is no detailed manual or hard to understand instructions filled with techno-babble or computer jargon. The System Backup start-up Wizard will walk you through each step and teach you how to access each file.

Comodo is a leading world provider of free internet security software programs that are both extremely efficient and user friendly. Comodo’s philosophy is to offer their customers the highest reliable computer software programs available. And the System Backup is a great example of this type of reliable computer software program. Its cloud-based online storage program is completely secure, safe to use and will not corrupt any files you upload. Plus, you can access all files independently without having to download each file back onto your computer.

The Internet Security that Comodo System Backup offers to customers across the globe is in a nutshell simply brilliant. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to store your important computer files through a quality secondary storage platform, download the free Comodo System Backup.

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