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Why Customer Support is Worth More than You’d Think

January 21, 2013 | By  

Have you ever had to pay a computer expert to repair a problem with your device? If you haven’t had the pleasure of writing that three figure check to somebody you don’t know to repair your computer in the past, what was that time actually worth to you? A common fact in today’s business climate is that time is in fact very valuable. And the more time you spend trying to deal with computer problem repair, the less time you have to make money yourself – especially when you run a small business. And when you look for free download Internet Security programs to protect your computer, having a good network of customer support experts behind you is a smart way to protect yourself, save time and money in the long run.

This is why working with a company who can provide you with free technical support to fix virtually 90% of all computer related issues and install key programs to prevent them from occurring in the first place is a smart business decision that should be made.

Comodo is a leading provider in the computer software development industry – this fact simply can’t be argued. When captains of industry including NASA, several state and Federal Governments and Apple rely on Comodo technology to protect their networks, you can be assured that the same dedication to providing small business and consumer-based computer solutions will be their top priority. However, Comodo goes above and beyond to provide small business and individuals with several important customer service platforms like download free internet security programs to make sure you have complete access to their total resources.

One of the coolest programs offered by Comodo is their GeekBuddy® program – which will repair trouble computer issues, 24/7 and 365 days per year support from a remote location to solve your PC issues. Their Click’n Chat desktop application allows easy access to the GeekBuddy® network and they have the experience and ability to fix hundreds of software and equipment issues from these remote connections. When you’ve considered a download internet security program this service becomes invaluable.

Other key benefits of Comodo’s GeekBuddy® Service include:

  • A top-rated team of trouble shooters who are trained and prepared to solve hundreds of common and highly technical issues that tend to cause business owners grief and frustration.
  • Remote Internet Security Setup: when you download internet security from Comodo, the GeekBuddy® network is there to ensure it is set up properly from the beginning.
  • Software installation custom configuration; no matter what type of software you download Internet Security software from Comodo, our expert staff will configure it up to your software products, wireless network, printers and other hardware to work in conjunction with Comodo products.

By working with the GeekBuddy® technical staff, the common issues that tend to occur when you download internet security will vanish. They can provide you with step-by-step instructions and special tips to ensure your Internet Security program works properly from the beginning. This reduces the amount of time and money you spend to repair common computer-related issues. Thus time and money can be better spent keeping your business running and customers happy.

The common myth today is that nothing comes for free, but Comodo’s customer service is always free and always available to the valuable customers who continue to use high-quality and reliable Comodo products each day.

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