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SSL Certificate, Java And Internet Security Issues

September 16, 2013 | By  

Every malware attack which is known these days arise from the vulnerabilities found in Java, secure certificates or Flash players. Even though at first, it might seem that companies are not so concerned about internet security which is why consumers are getting affected by malware threats, it is the carelessness in updating content that leads to hacking attempts. SSL Certificate or secure sockets layer cert is considered the best protection against host intrusion, malware injection or virus insertion attempts. They are issued only after proper verification and the certificate authorities are allowed to joing the CAB or certificate authority browser forum only after being thoroughly verified. Similarly, studies revealed that only 19% of business computers are running the latest Java 7 versions while majority of the rest are using Java 6 or even older versions. Oracle, the developers of Java can hardly taker responsibility for this issue because it is an individual owners decision to update periodically.

Periodic Updates

The extensive survey revealed that over 46% of users using Java 6 are exposed to malware threats and may sooner or later get affected by malicious threats. It was also blamed on Oracle for being so careless about Java security that led to the breakdown of huge websites around the globe. The purpose of SSL Certificate is to help defend consumers as well as website owners but they are not responsible for issues caused by Java or other add-on programs found in a computer. Only those that are identified can be avoided by using antivirus or antispyware tools but only security updates can defend vulnerabilities. Hackers are now interested in using more subtle malware codes which hardly disturb the user but rather run in the background designed to keep collecting information and sending them anonymously to third parties. When shopping, look for SSL Certificate websites that display trust seal and certificate authority information.

Patching Issues

Patching is done only through security updates. For SSL Certificate, the scenario is entirely different because these websites run certs are handled by Certificate Authority. A reputed CA is well aware of the needs of website owners and automatically patch their certificates. They will take care of the entire security process and these companies also work closely in the CAB forum to come up with more reliable solutions. The issues related to Flash or Java is solely based on the developers. They are not open source and can’t be modified separately which is when automatic updates become the need of the hour.

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