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Privacy And How It Helps You Secure Yourself

February 11, 2014 | By Editor 

Internet Privacy

In a world where digital technology is inevitable, securing one’s privacy is an individual’s right and responsibility. Being careless about your activities could lead to issues which you hardly imagined about and the more open you become, the more you expose yourself. It is not just about the cyber criminals anymore, but it is also about surveillance agencies and companies that work round the clock to monitor every people.

Governments are monitoring social media every day to find people who talk against the body and fine them. Surveillance is becoming more legal, privacy is diminishing at a rapid rate. Unless you want yourself in peril, stop using websites which don’t have SSL certificate installed in them and avoid posting everything or anything on your social media websites. Those are being monitored and all your opinions may not sync with what legal bodies define. Also, search engines may not be friendly at times and avoiding some illegal searches is advisable.

The robot text found and other bugs fixed within the search results are designed to monitor individuals as they browse through the web. In order to bring this under control, networks like TOR have sprung up which promotes best possible privacy. They provide completely anonymity to people and anyone can go to any website on the web or even go for the dark web forums to access confidential information.

When they do so, their IP address will constantly be bounced from one country to another, making them virtually a robot and fully invisible to those tracking them. It is not necessary for common users yet in a time where monitoring is so prevalent, using such security wouldn’t hurt either. Using websites with SSL certificate helps secure confidential information and they always encrypt data for added security. The same concept of encryption is now being used by Google as well as other companies, to let users know they care about privacy.

When it comes to social media, things are entirely different because it is built around people. One can actually know you, your family, spouse and friends, all in one place. It poses a new kind of threat especially when you start sharing everything online simply to get likes that hardly makes any sense. The site uses SSL certificate to safeguard information, but they actually sell user data and all targeted advertisements. One insane targeting algorithm is that based on your hook up, relationship status and past break ups, they can even assume if you are heading towards another break up to sell marriage related service websites.

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