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Comodo System Backup – An Effective Free Internet Security Feature

December 28, 2012 | By  

One of the biggest hassles these days is finding ways of removing infected malware from any computer. With the amount of time you spend searching for a computer expert, taking the computer to a repair facility, and the cost involved – sometimes you’d be better off buying a new computer all together. And sadly – sometimes that is the only solution to the problem of infected files.

However, believe it or not, there are many Free Internet Security downloads that can provide a high layer of protection and even create a solid computer backup properly so if you fall victim to cyber-attack, you will save yourself from a tremendous amount of hassle. One of the best programs available is the system backup provided by Comodo, which is a great tool for businesses and private computer users to protect their data from being damaged or lost.

Regarded as one of the most user friendly computer system backup’s available today, the free Comodo System Backup program is easy for any user to install, update and use on a daily basis. The initial download provides any computer user a simple step-by-step installation wizard that allows any user to create a solid and reliable backup of their computer data in minutes.

Some of the key features of this Free Internet Security download include:

Comodo Smart Profiles

Once activated, the Comodo System Backup will easily automatically detect and group all documents, music, video, photos and other files into a single profile. This allows the user to access them and back them up with one single click of the mouse button.

Extremely Easy to use Interface

Are you one of those people who hate to read instruction manuals? Good – because this product is so easy to use, there are no instruction manuals needed to read. It is a simple start-up powered by an easy to learn from installation wizard that will walk you through each interface allowing you to learn as you go.

Backup Scheduling That Fits Your Schedule

Have you ever been working on a project when all of the sudden the backup file automatically starts. This not only affects your computer performance, but most often requires you to stop what you’re doing, shut the computer off then restart and reboot. However, the Comodo Flexible scheduler will permit you to run a backup at any time that fits your schedule.

The Free Internet Security software programs provided by Comodo were designed to be user friendly and highly effective at providing an easy to access system backup. The Comodo System Backup can also be used as a cloud-based online storage system. It’s easy to store digital files like music, pictures, video and ancillary multimedia files. Even better, you can access these files online and listen to music while you work.

You don’t need to download these files in order to access them either. And everybody who downloads  the  internet security Comodo System Backup – one of the best programs available.  This program will cost you nothing to download or use it. So when you’re considering buying an internet security program from one of the other guys, take a ride on the Comodo System Backup first. You’ll be glad you did.

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