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The Keys to Choosing a Reliable Free Internet Security Program

December 10, 2012 | By  

More often than not, people choose to download Free Internet Security for one simple reason – to save money. Let’s be honest – times are tough for many people across the world today. People are losing jobs, and the cost of living keeps rising. With these economic struggles, it’s more common than not for people to find effective measures to reduce their total monthly expenses. Fortunately, there are several Free Internet Security programs offered by Comodo that are highly efficient and are free to computer users across the world

However, no matter which download internet security program you select, there are several important key features that you should keep in mind before investing in it

A Fully Functional Antivirus Program

Anytime you choose to use to download Free Internet Security, the program must start with a highly trustworthy antivirus program that will track down and destroy malware which currently infests your computer. Many free internet security programs from other vendors will include an antivirus program, that will simply notify you of infected files, and unless you upgrade to the paid version, they will remain active on your computer system. Comodo’s free download internet security program includes a highly functional antivirus program that will not only hunt down any virus and malware, but will also destroy it.

A Quality Anti-Spyware Program

After the Free Internet Security program from Comodo has destroyed the malware and viruses that have attached to your hard drive, it is important to ensure that further spyware attacks are prevented. This is only possible when the download internet security software comes with a fully functional anti-spyware program. This will detect all spyware threats on websites you visit or files you download, and destroy them before they infest your files.

A Reliable Anti-Rootkit

Many people have never heard of an anti-rootkit before, so here is some basic information about this important internet security software ingredient. A rootkit is a very sneaky type of program that attempts to sneak through most internet security systems through non-traditional file formats. The anti-rootkit on Comodo’s free download internet security program can detect these sneaky files, and remove existing ones on your computer before they have a chance to impact your computer function.

It is also advisable that any free internet security program you install offers Bot Protection: which prevents malicious software programs from attaching to your computer and slowing it down considerably; Auto Sandbox Technology™; which will run undocumented files in a secure and isolated location where they will not cause damage or harm to your computer; and finally a Memory Firewall.

As we have indicated earlier, there are many fine free internet security programs available online. But, it is critical that if you choose to save some money, make sure that the free products you use are reliable and will actually work. Comodo understands that times are tough for many people across this planet. This is why they have created a download Free Internet Security program that not only is fully functional, but will keep your online experience safe and secure for you and your entire family.

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