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How TrustConnect Wi-Fi Security Provides Complete Internet Security

February 4, 2013 | By  

One of the common myths about installing free Internet Security programs is that they will instantly take your computer to 100% online protection. But what happens if you install free internet security programs on a mobile device or laptop? Are you still protected as you’d think? The truth is that any Internet Security program; especially free programs are only as good as the online connection. And when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, this can pose several potential risks.

This is why installing a reliable additional security measure such as Comodo’s TrustConnect Wi-Fi Security is a smart decision for anybody who has a laptop or mobile device that connects to any public internet connection. The TrustConnect program keeps you and your private and secured information private and does not allow your computer to be accessed or hacked when you are connected to a public network. In fact, this program works so well as an advanced Internet Security program that the potential hacker has no clue where the computer signal is coming from or how to access your network at all.

This program is an important feature that comes with the Comodo Internet Security Complete 2013 package or can be upgraded for less than $5.00. It works great for all types of hardware including laptops, mobile phones, tablets and gamer computers in any public Wi-Fi connection. Whether you are at the airport, hotel, coffee shop or even in your home, the TrustConnect Wi-Fi protection provides that extra layer of internet security that allows you to feel safe when you travel.

How does TrustConnect Wi-Fi Security Work?

  • TrustConnect Wi-Fi Security will encrypt every bit of data that is transmitted over both wireless and hardwired internet connections ensuring that your internet connection is truly secure; no matter where you are located.
  • It creates a virtual private computer network connection which will hide every web-surfing activity and all private information from any potential hackers. They simply can’t see your connection.
  • TrustConnect Wi-Fi Security uses the industry standard 128-bit encryption network that will not obstruct normal computer usage or applications from running as normal.
  • The wireless security program offered by Comodo is an extension of the great Firewall and complete internet security protection that is offered by using Comodo products.
  • It protects your all of your online work including web-surfing, email connections, downloads, uploads and even text messaging. This truly increases your internet security programs effectiveness to levels not commonly seen with most paid upgraded programs available today.

The simple fact is that even though most free internet security are great, even the ones provided by Comodo, without having some way of protecting the actual internet connection – they are all virtually ineffective. This is why it is critical to use and download the Comodo TrustConnect Wi-Fi program. As we stated above, the cost is extremely affordable and actually comes standard when you upgrade to the Comodo Internet Security Complete 2013 version that is protecting millions of computers today.

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