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Free Internet Security – Comodo System Backup for Home Use

December 5, 2012 | By  

Quite often, the search for Free Internet Security downloads often results in cheap software programs which result in less than effective system backup properties. However, Comodo provides a system backup utility for home users that is  a powerful yet easy to use application for the desktop, that helps business as well as home users to protect their data from being damaged or lost.

The Comodo System Backup program is very easy  to use for the lay person. It includes a simple interface with a step-by-step wizard that enables even beginners to create a backup of their valuable data within minutes.

The primary feature of the System Backup from Comodo is its ability to backup data to an online storage area, although it can also be used to backup data to other types of optical storage media such as CDs and DVDs, for example. The interface allows one to schedule backups on a regular basis or to be run at various intervals and to create custom profiles for doing backups that can be run with a single click.

The Free Internet Security software can also be used to restore files that get lost or damaged, and settings for this can be customized so that the program does not need to be reconfigured every time it is run. The Comodo System Backup can also be used as an online storage system. One can store music, videos, pictures and other multimedia types and then view or listen to them directly from the online storage system.

The file does not need to be downloaded in order to be accessed and if any changes to the file are made while accessed these changes will be synchronized with the original that is on one’s computer. Every user is provided with 5 GB of free online storage, which will be guaranteed forever.

For those more sophisticated, the internet security Comodo System Backup has some features that enable the cloning of disks for backups of disk image images and partitioning of disks into only those sectors which are used and then backing those up. Email and messaging clients can also be backed up, and email can be backed up on an incremental so only those changes since the last full backup will be backed up and only conversations that are new will be backed up. This speeds up the backup process and saves on space.

The Comodo System Backup is a very versatile application that makes the tedious process of backing straightforward for even the most novices of users. And thanks to Free Internet Security download available from Comodo, computer users of any experience can find effective solutions to not only protect their computer from threats, but also provide a proactive system backup.

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