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The Main Differences between Free and Paid Internet Security Software

January 21, 2013 | By  

When people make the decision to download a Free Internet Security program, some tend to be under the false pretence that it will provide them the same level of online security that a paid program would offer. The fact is although there are wonderful Free Internet Security software downloads available – the result tends to produce the old consumer adage; you often get what you pay for.

Internet Security is no longer a luxury – it truly is a must have for any computer user who browses the internet or uses an internet connection for personal or business applications. Each day there are thousands of computer users who are violated by having their system acquire a harmful virus or even have their identities stolen by third party hackers and computer hijackers whose main objective is to make a living under somebody else’s identity and using their assets to pay their bills, buy them luxury items and even register illegal weapons in many cases.

As a result of these facts, the choice to download a Free Internet Security program is one that does come with some drawbacks. And it is rare for any computer software company to speak about these differences, however it’s has always been the belief of Comodo that honesty and factual information upfront is always the best course of action when trying to educate your customers.

Here are a few major differences between the online protection services that are available through most free download and paid internet security programs.


Comodo Internet Security is a multi-layered security application that keeps hackers out and personal information inside their computers. The internet security programs built by Comodo offer 360° protection which combines using a powerful antivirus protection program, a first-class firewall, host intrusion prevention software and constant and automatic sandbox technology for unknown and potentially harmful files.

This ensures that content inside your computer is encrypted so that no third-parties can access or read this information if they attempt to log into your computer through an online connection. In fact, this type of software prevents them from establishing a solid connection with your computer.

The above main features are available through free internet security downloads and paid upgrades.


When it comes to why a person should upgrade their internet security program or paid for upgraded software, the reasons provide an extra layer of security that many computer users simple can’t live without. Some of these features include:

  • Unlimited Live Expert Virus Cleaning; although many Free Internet Security programs will detect a virus that has embedded on your computer, removing the files can be complicated. This is why having a live expert help you remove the viruses is critical to total internet security protection.
  • Online Backup Programs; if for some reason your computer breaks down, which tends to happen to mechanical devices at some point, how will you retrieve important files? The Online Backup Programs offered by Comodo will provide you a cloud-based network to safely and securely store your important files for ease of access.
  • WiFi Hotspot Eavesdropping Protection; one of the latest trends is having people log into your laptop or computer when you are connected to a WiFi hotspot. Remember, this connection is not secured, but will be when you use Comodo upgraded internet security software.

Free Internet Security downloads are a wonderful tool to provide you with solid online protection. And for many people, they can and do provide the protection they need for online or internet access. But, if you’re looking to take that extra step of added security, investing in a paid upgradable internet security program will provide you several key benefits to ensure total online security.

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