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Comodo Ice Dragon – Putting the Freeze on Cyber Attacks

February 13, 2013 | By  

The hot topic of late posted on internet forums is whether the decision to download free internet security is a solid way to prevent cyber-attacks from occurring. The truth is that although most free internet security programs are indeed very good at providing a solid layer of defence, and Firewalls are a great shield, without using a browser that can distinguish between a safe site and a potentially damaging link; you might be left in the cold.

This is where the Ice Dragon by Comodo can put the freeze on cyber-attacks. And the best part – is that this new Firefox based browser is completely free to Comodo customers. Firefox is one of the best browsers available for surfing the web, and each individual computer user has their preference on which browsers to use for many different reasons. But, with millions of people choosing the Firefox to surf online, the Ice Dragon by Comodo has the ability to take the unique browsing features of Firefox and add the patented Comodo internet security features to truly make you’re online browsing as safe as possible.

The question that you must be asking yourself now is how does this program work to enhance a free Download Internet Security program?

We’re glad you asked. Here is how the Comodo Ice Dragon will take the features of most free Download Internet Security programs and turn it into a powerful online protection tool.

Advanced SiteInspector Technology

When you are shopping online, you most likely are aware of the Comodo seal that allows you to verify a website powered by Comodo SSL Certificates are reliable, safe and secure. One of the features that power this network is the Site Inspector scanning feature that can identify any potential risks of a website before it opens up onto your computer.

This feature is accessible when you simply ‘right click’ the link on your Comodo Ice Dragon menu bar and select the ‘scan link’ feature which comes free on this new browser. This will verify that the website is free of potentially harmful files, you can verify the registration details, and even bring up any previous malware issues the website has had in its history.

Secure DNS Server Access

Are you 100% confident in your server DNS settings or the safety and security it provides you? You shouldn’t be. But, one of the great free features of using and Download Internet Security software such as the Comodo Ice Dragon is that you will have free access to Comodo’s highly reliable and safe DNS Servers for all website browsing activity. How does this work you ask? Simple:

  • Provides you Quicker loading pages: The multiple and redundant DNS network servers that Comodo has in their worldwide network allow you to have quicker downloads, faster file uploads and must more efficient page loading features thanks to a powerful and safe DNS server network. This safe network also reduces your chances of having your network infected by harmful malware, viruses and hijacks.
  • A Safe Connection: The DNS network from Comodo is also great at providing you a safe secure  and complete internet connection. This is advantageous for better and safer file transfers, email communication and other internet-based access. It reduces the chances of any phishing scam activity, spam, pop-ups and other annoying online activity.

Without question, the power that the Comodo Ice Dragon provides you with after you Download Internet Security programs is unmatched. For those who like the Chrome browser, the Comodo Fire Dragon is a great tool that provides similar features for free.

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