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Comodo Customer Support Features – Leading the Industry

December 28, 2012 | By  

Along with providing computer users with top-of-the-line protection features and software, Comodo has been well known for providing the best customer support programs that truly provide a higher return on investment for each Comodo customer. From offering the GeekBuddy® to repair trouble computer issues, to the free Comodo System Utilities programs that provide Comodo customers 5 GB of free online storage space, it is safe to assume that when you download or use Comodo products the service you receive will be nothing short of excellent.

Providing customer service has become a rare feat in recent years – however it is something that Comodo takes very seriously. Following the lead of superior customer service providers like Costco Wholesale, Fed Ex Express and other customer service experts in multiple industries, Comodo stays true to the concept that if your customers are not happy – they will simply choose other options. And in the highly competitive world of computer software companies who provide free Download Internet Security programs to attract customers, Comodo goes above and beyond with their customer support programs.


One of the best customer support features that Comodo offers is the Comodo System Backup, which is a Download Internet Security program offered free to Comodo registered users. This program allows you to clean, optimize and boost your computer performance all in one easy click. This powerful system cleaner has the ability to reach deep into a personal computer – either desktop or laptop and destroy all files that simply put are a waste of space. This SafeDelete™ feature is unique to Comodo and is a great way to provide exceptional customer service daily.


Another great and free customer service based program that Comodo offers its customers is the Comodo Programs Manager. This free Download Internet Security feature allows computer users to manage all of your installed programs through an easy to use interface. Computer users, regardless of experience level, can easily manage their program files or completely remove unwanted software of Windows features from your computer – without having to access the Control Panel to complete this function. If a program is giving you trouble, and needs to be removed quickly, simple access the Comodo Programs Manager and fix the issue.


Comodo goes above and beyond delivering high-quality customer service through their GeekBuddy® technical support program. This unique customer service feature provides unlimited technical support for Comodo Customers 365-days per year. Geekbuddy saves your time and effort by:

  • Troubleshooting your problems and provide steps to potentially eliminate them from occurring again.
  • Provide Comodo Customers Instant response to save your time and help diagnose the issues quickly so you can return to work, play or enjoy your day.
  • The Comodo GeekBuddy® Experts help remove virus issues after the Comodo free Download Internet Security programs find them and hunt them down.
  • The GeekBuddy® team will help tune up your PC performance and provide 24/7 PC Protection guarantee.

Comodo is not your average everyday computer software company. They truly believe in taking care of each customer while providing exceptional customer service every step of the way.

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