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Can Internet Security Really Be Free for Computer Users?

December 10, 2012 | By  

Have you ever wondered about the claims made by many antivirus or Free Internet Security companies that you can download a free version that will protect your online visits? It is quite frankly a general concern that many people have in regards to how to effectively protect their computers from online attacks. But, contrary to popular opinion, several Free Internet Security programs offered by a reliable company such as Comodo are very effective in protecting computer users from online threats.

One great example is the system backup utility that Comodo offers computer users as a free download. The Comodo system backup utility is a highly powerful program that helps home or business computer users keep their data protected against being lost or damaged by online threats. Plus, they are extremely easy to use for even the basic computer user.

The ease of use of the Comodo system backup starts when you download the free internet security program from Comodo’s secure website. Once downloaded, it launches an automatic step by step wizard that permits computer users to create a reliable file backup within a few minutes of starting the program.

This Free Internet Security program’s primary feature is the ability to backup important files through a cloud based online portal as well as traditional backup devices like CD or DVD files. This online interface permits anybody to schedule computer file backups on a schedule that fits your computer usage. You can create a custom schedule and profile which will allow you to engage a file backup with the single click of a mouse button.

The Free Internet Security software offered by Comodo also allows you to restore files which are damaged or lost. It also permits users to create custom settings that ensure that your lost program files need not be reconfigured each time the program is run. This saves you time and hassle that many file protection software programs don’t provide. It is also capable of storing music, video and all types of multimedia files which can be accessed directly through the Comodo cloud based storage system.

The best part of using Comodo’s free internet security is that you can access your files anytime without having to download them each time you want to access them. When you download Comodo’s system backup you are given 5 GB of online file storage for free. There is no cost to use this program – which provides computer users with a tremendous value for money.

Comodo takes a lot of pride in delivering trustworthy and cost-effective computer software solutions to customers of every size, shape, income level and background. Whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or a single parent struggling to pay the bills each month – Comodo takes tremendous pride in treating you equally. The free Comodo System Backup is highly versatile and yet extremely user friendly.

So when you wonder whether or not a free internet security program is actually beneficial, give the Comodo System Backup Utility a try and tell Comodo what you think. We’re sure you’ll be very satisfied.

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