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Comodo System Utilities – A Free Download better than Most Paid Programs

December 5, 2012 | By  

Computer users worldwide who are looking for personal computer software that can tune up a lethargic system should investigate the Comodo System Utilities, which is a free computer security product which allows consumers to download free internet security. The free Comodo System Utilities software is comparable; if not better than many of the paid system utility products on the market.

When you’re looking to download internet security; what features are important to you? Fortunately, the Comodo System Utilities package includes everything you need to install an effective clean-up for the Windows registry system. This free download removes or repairs any entries that are corrupted. It also includes a disk cleaner that defrags the disk so as to free up and improve performance and a cleaner for privacy that deletes cache and history and cookies so as to protect one’s identity and privacy on their computer.

The Utilities are easy to use and navigate through. There are two sections on the interface—the main content area and a side bar on the left with the various options for cleaning one’s system. Clicking on any one of these options activates that utility in the main content area.

There is a general purpose “Clean My Computer” button, which cycles through all the available utilities but one can also choose the individual utilities such as “Privacy Cleaner,” “Registry Cleaner” and “Disk Cleaner” on an as-needed basis. The Active Clean option deletes temporary files and other types of files without needing intervention from the user, which makes it a simpler process.

Another positive when you’re looking to download internet security software is the auto run manager in Comodo’s System Utilities; which can help a user to select those programs that are launched when the computer starts up. When some of these programs are deactivated, the boot time of a PC can be increased, but one needs to be careful with certain obscure programs or services so as not to deactivate those that may be essential to a computer’s operation.

Comodo System Utilities also includes some other nifty programs. There is a “Wiper” utility that can completely clean a drive which is useful when giving away or selling one’s computer. “Safe Delete” is another handy utility that enables one to recover files that were permanently deleted by mistake and can restore one’s computer to state previous to one in which the deletion of these files may have caused problems with the running of one’s computer. There is also a live customer support module that can be installed called “Comodo Geek Buddy” that provides immediate help to those having trouble with using the utilities and is found on the interface in the upper-right corner.

Finally, many have found that the performance of their computers was greatly improved after using the Comodo System Utilities, making them a worthwhile investment for any PC user. So, when you’re looking to download free Internet Security, make sure you take the time to look into the Comodo System Utilities program. It’s definitely worth your time and will save you a lot of money and stress in the long run.

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