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Advanced Protection of Internet Security Complete – A Quick Review

February 12, 2013 | By  

For many years, Comodo has provided its consumers with a reliable free Internet Security program that does a wonderful job at keeping your online connections strong, safe and secure. However, in recent years, as the hard working developers at Comodo feverishly attempt to make each connection stronger – there is a group of hackers and online predators whose main job is to find sneaky ways to defeat these free Internet Security programs.

There is no rhyme or reason as to why hackers enjoy doing this; except for this glaring fact. Identity theft is on the rise. And no matter what other companies might tell you, without arming yourself with the best Internet Security programs available today, you and your entire computer network can be at risk to having important computer files hijacked, stolen and used against you.

However, one of the best tools available for any computer user is the new Comodo Internet Security Complete 2013 – which is built to take the positive advantages of the free internet security programs available today and multiplying their effectiveness exponentially.

There are many positive benefits to this highly affordable top of the line internet security program which includes:

Comodo Firewall Pro Protection:

The first line in defence of online threats is a solid and strong firewall. And no firewall has been reviewed better than Comodo’s Firewall Pro. Using advanced sandbox technology, Defense+ Technology and the newest updates possible, the Firewall Pro powered by Comodo takes online security to an entirely new level. The Firewall Pro program has the ability to automatically prevent and isolate several threats like viruses, malware, Trojan horses, spyware and other computer harmful files from entering your computer’s files.

This important first layer of protection significantly reduces the potential of any viruses sneaking into the room without you knowing about it.

Advanced Antivirus Protection

So, you might ask; if the Firewall is so great, what else would I need to protect my computer from unwanted hacks, spyware and malware? Well, that’s where the Comodo Advanced internet security programs takes computer protection to another level. The advanced programs not only can seek out potential threats in any online connection, but also prevent them from embedding themselves onto your network. They are powered by real-time updates that take the power of a global network of antivirus programs. and are built to destroy all of the new viruses out on the market and ensure your computer is well protected from an attack – without slowing down your computer.

The advanced antivirus and internet security programs also provide consumers with an amazing guarantee for protecting your computer network. If for any reason your PC ever becomes infected by any virus, malware or suspicious files, and you’re a paid user of the Comodo Internet Security Complete 2013 edition, the GeekBuddy’s from Comodo will not only remove and solve this issue, but if there is any damage to your computer, Comodo will cover up to $500.00 in free repair costs for all US based residents.

Download  free internet security programs and place  real value on the upgrades available through Comodo’s advanced Internet Security programs.

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  1. Ariel says:

    I use Comodo as my firewall and a different program as my antivirus (Unthreat Antivirus) which is free too. I like them both!

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