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SSL security Better Achieved With Comodo Ice Dragon

February 4, 2013 | By  

When you look at the best reasons to download free internet security most people believe that the browser you use is a key ingredient to providing complete online protection and SSL Security. And honestly, they’d be right. One of the best programs available has been the Firefox browser that provides computer users with great solutions for online protection. However, Firefox users now have a better option called the Comodo Ice Dragon which allows you to incorporate the SSL security and internet security features that Comodo is known for, with the key ingredients of Firefox browser capabilities.

Anytime you are thinking to download internet security, one of the first questions you ask is which programs will work with my browser. And if you use Firefox, the new Comodo Ice Dragon takes this to an entirely new level of internet security as well as SSL Security, with faster page loading and better malware scanning ability.

How SSL Security And Mozilla Add-on Secures You

Some of the key features of the new Ice Dragon include:

SiteInspector malware scanning technology

The Comodo Ice Dragon uses a unique Site Inspector link scanning feature that permits you to verify that a website is safe before you actually use it. This easy to use feature will scan a page that looks suspicious by simply right clicking on the link in the menu bar and click the ‘scan link’ feature. However another option is to use the Site Inspector button which is easily accessible on the top corner of the Ice Dragon browser. This will allow you to check and verify that the website is safe, check out registration of the website, registration details and any previous history of malware scans on that particular website.

This takes internet security and ssl security to an entirely new level.

Use of Comodo Secure DNS Services

When you download and use the Comodo Ice Dragon, you have complete access and the option of using Comodo’s Domain Name System or (DNS) free of charge. This provides computer users who download internet security software several advantages including:

  • Faster loading web pages: There are several redundant DNS servers that Comodo operates that are located in several secure facilities worldwide. This provides users of the Comodo Ice Dragon with faster website loading since it can connect to DNS servers closer to your actual location. This also reduces the chances of malware infecting your computer by sharing DNS servers that are provided by your ISP.
  • Safer Internet Connection: When you work with SecureDNS provided by Comodo, this reduces the potential threats of online hacks and visiting harmful websites. The Comodo SecureDNS service has a list of real-time updated websites that are harmful and include malware sites, excessive advertising websites, phishing scams and spyware websites. Anytime you attempt to access any of these sites, the SecureDNS warns you of the potential threats.

When you consider download internet security programs, it is always best to use a top-rated browser that will extend that layer of protection much further than others. SSL Security allows better protection. And the Comodo Ice Dragon puts the freeze on many of today’s common malware and virus for free.

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