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Tis the Independence day – How to Stay Safe online

July 4, 2017 | By  

As we observe the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, it is vital to stay safe and secure both in the real and virtual world. It would be a good aspect to emphasise more on prevention. The IT security industry is here to deliver top notch security solutions to save you and your family from being a hacker’s prey this holiday…

Being the most important part of the year shopping online safely for a holiday gift would be a concern. The pitiless criminals are around to create unhealthy security breaches and thereafter to steal user’s data. Specially this time of the year, you should be careful on a higher note as they are prowling around the virtual arena through email phishing scams to fake advertisements to loot information and hence take hold of the your identity. Hackers find new ways exploit the your ignorance to steal money and data.

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So here are some security tips and tricks to stay secure – while you will not have to miss out on the most happening deals of the holiday season and ​stay a step ahead of the malicious threats.

1.  You are to look out for HTTPS based SSL-laden website when they opt to shop online, as it ensures website security

2.  Check if the website is genuine and hacker-proof through reviews

3.  Be cautious about the phishing mails that might look genuine.

4.  Ensure that you do not click on any unknown links or any attachment that doesn’t look familiar.

5.  Ensure to check the sender’s email id to check if the email address is genuine

6.  Use a trusted sources like Google play store to download games and shopping apps to avoid getting tricked with malicious app.

7.  Ensure to use strong and complex passwords and keep changing the passwords regularly..

8.  Avoid using public hotspots as they are vulnerable to malware attacks.

9.  Ensure to install security application that is strong enough to fight the virtual odds, choose the best security solution from the market leaders like Comodo, Avast, Symantec, etc.

If as a user, you are still ignorant, then it’s high time critical to understand the possibilities to educate yourself on the security measures and implement the same. Choose to install the right security solution that includes antivirus, firewall, sandboxing and containment technology.


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