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Marshmallow Version takes the Change to the Android world

October 15, 2015 | By Editor 

Android is all set to roll out its new Marshmallow version into the digital world, new and unbeatable functionalities are sketched out to be pinned along with the new avatar to benefit the android users at its best.

What seems happening- out of all the functionalities??

Interpreting contents within some of the well known apps like WhatsApp is the major concern amongst the users who are much comfortable with their mother tongue. Text messages that can be conveyed only through English sounds abbhorent while your pal is comfortable with some other language.

Google unveiled a new concept of invoking the Google Translate option right into the Android apps helping the users with the concept of Text Selection.

The LinkedIn, TripAdvisor and WhatsApp are some of the Apps that are into Google’s pocket to incept the translating functionality to bring about the featuring start in the Android based smartphones.

Benefits to the users with Android Marshmallow Version:

Any user getting updated to the yet to launch Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS on their Android devices will have the provision to translate their text to 90 different languages much instantly from their favorite apps. Users can make this possible by getting Translate installed on to their respective devices. This will further facilitate you to use the apps that are well aligned to infuse the translating features on your text messages within. All you have to do is to select the text which you are looking to translate and that is all about it.

It goes this way, the text gets interpreted in a separate temporary pop up screen. This gives way to replace your text with the other language text.

With Android 6 Mashmallow update in place, the feature can be used at its best by the android users.

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