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Learn What Is Free SSL and Its Benefits

September 6, 2013 | By  

Consumers and website owners should know the real definition of SSL certificates. Most of them are unaware of the fact that using such encryption certs are mandatory for a website where personal or financial information is being collected. Before stepping into the paid versions, using free ssl can provide an idea of what to expect when using these security solutions. Websites which have the secure golden padlock tool displayed in it will witness better conversion rates and customers who are aware of security measures will always look for this assurance before providing their personal information. Integrating free ssl provided by a reputed certificate authority is easier because the provider will support the website owner with technical details and help them upload the certificate the right way.

Definition of SSL certificate

There is no fixed definition for ssl certificate because it is a technology designed to promote better security in web transactions. SSL stands for secure sockets layer which is established using a private and public key. The private key will be integrated into the website when free ssl or paid cert is implemented. Major web browsers used around the globe will have access to a public list of keys. Whenever data is sent or received the web browsers will verify the private key provided by the site with its list so ensure that the recipient is the intended server. In case, the data packet is tampered or meddled with along the way which usually hackers do to inject malware, web browser will reject the packet and report the same so that it can be scanned to identify malware presence. The free ssl is provided only by a select set of certificate authorities. Website owners can conveniently upgrade to paid version at any time which is not only secure but provides better capabilities and will boost the website growth in multiple ways.

Instant Identification

Even a common buyer is aware of the fact that sharing personal and bank details to an unknown website is not safe. In order to reduce risk factor, the consumer will consider a website that has brand value, better buyer reputation and is in the industry for years. Even such websites should use ssl certificates in order to be secure and continue growing their brand reputation. For a new website, conversion rate is everything and free ssl will make this a possibility. It offers instant identification with golden padlock symbol, logo of the certificate authority on the website, secure seal and company information displayed in a prominent manner to attract user attention. Such level of integration will encourage the buyer to deal with a website in the first place which is the first step towards increasing conversion rates. Once you become a prominent seller in the industry, you can always go from free SSL to the premium extended validation certificate which verifies the organization with valid documents before issuing the certificate. It also displays a green address bar on the top that is very much visible to any visitor who enters the transaction page and boosts overall sales in a prominent manner.

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