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Why EV SSL Is A Must For A Business To Succeed?

March 8, 2013 | By  

Gaining the trust of online visitors is a must for a business to develop a brand reputation. Installing an EV SSL from a reputed CA is one way of ensuring your website is safe.  Gaining customer confidence is becoming increasingly difficult in recent times because of a large number of bogus and spam sites that are exploiting users to the core. Allowing them to know what is good and what is not is your responsibility because you are not just a website owner but also a part of the white list web community. So, how do you think you can actually leave a mark and show that you are among the recognized businesses in the huge world of internet? If you think, there’s no clear answer, then you are wrong! EV SSL is the solution and is  designed to make your life easier

Gaining Trust The Right Way With EV SSL

EV SSL is a secure sockets layer certificate made by the certificate authorities exclusively for the purpose of serious business management. The certification is really easy to order and once you install EV SSL on your server, your website will automatically be notified with a secure green bar in the address area. There is no better proof positive than a simple bar which will instantly gain your customers trust.  Once you install EV SSL, you will definitely start witnessing notable difference in the number of sales.

What makes it mandatory?

The foremost reason of using extended validation SSL certificates is to gain trust so as to develop your establishment. If you are still new to the scenario, know that EV SSL is the highest secured cert which is provided only after a valid verification  of your organization’s existence is complete. The certification authority browser forum introduced the concept of Go Green. The green address bar provides up to 256 bit encryption, address and contact details of the vendor, the certificate provider and more details instantly.

Key Points For You

  • Get certified by a reputed authority in the online industry and show everyone that your business is completely legitimate.
  • While there is always the option of cheap SSL certificates, it is important to reassure customers that you are serious about what you do. The green bar  of an EV SSL states  that you will go to the extent of getting your company verified to gain their trust.
  • Creates a sense of transparency providing details of you and the certificate provider to visitors with EV SSL.

The professional solutions provided by Comodo is highly reputable and you can get your EV SSL validation from a reputed company. Leading the race, Comodo EV SSL is your one stop solution for all your certification requirements.

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