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What Makes Premium EV SSL Suitable For You?

February 19, 2013 | By  

Be it a global business, reputed company or an e-commerce venture, the higher the level of credibility the brand generates, the better sales value a company will fetch. EV SSL helps achieve this. Going beyond the certification of secure sockets layer, the EV SSL abbreviated as Extended Validation is the right choice for you if you are determined to provide the highest level of security to your customers.

The validation guidelines for issuing EV SSL is defined by the CA Browser forum with a view to create an organizational identity for your establishment. A rigorous validation process is triggered so as to protect you and your customers from the widely prevalent fraudulent activities like phishing and identity scam.  EV SSL entails a series of  background checks to verify the company exists in the said location under a particular domain name.

What is Extended Validation or EV SSL?

 As the name suggests, an EV SSL certificate is issued only after the provider thoroughly verifies your company’s background, domain name ownership, geographical location, checking business background with government or legitimate third party entities among other relevant procedures. The process is complete and the EV SSL issued only when you meet the CA/Browser forum’s guidelines and prove your physical existence.

How Is It Notified?

Every website which is officially certified by EV SSL will be visibly notified by a padlock icon. Latest versions of browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera will display the padlock icon along with a green status bar in the address area, to reassure your clients that they are in a safe zone certified for its authenticity.

How Compatible Is It?

In terms of compatibility, like other SSL certificates,  EV SSL is compatible with all major browsers and operating systems. However, in order to provide an increased level of security during transactions and to maintain strict protocols, it will not allow multiple sub domains. You can always find your requirement to secure your varied domains with the help of a wildcard ssl certificate which is specifically designed for this  purpose.

Who needs it the most?

If you are part of a company or organization, own a business venture which are frequently targeted by phishing schemes, illegal data acquisition communities, you are definitely in need of an EV SSL certification to proclaim your validity. EV SSL is a necessity for sectors including online stores, popular retail shops, banking and financial  servicing industries.

How Do You Benefit?

Once you acquire the security sign, you will get access to a slew of benefits  to increase your brand reputation with consumer community and

  • Minimize abandonment of shopping carts at transaction page
  • Leverage better visitor to client conversion rates
  • Identify your business/company/brand as reliable
  • Provides maximum protection to your customers against phishing

 What Makes It Worthy?

The various factors which makes EV SSL highly necessary for e-commerce websites will ultimately lead to one outcome, increased trust from customers which in turn leads to better business with increased revenue. This is the ultimate goal for every business establishment and online store and  makes it relatively worthy for those who are serious about branding themselves.

While the free SSL certificates are ideal for informative and generic websites, it is mandatory to assure the customer that their information is secured and encrypted, before it is transacted in websites where you require such information. This can be done with EV SSL from a reliable certificate authority like Comodo.

The EV SSL certificate will meet the requirement and will provide the seal of highest security assurance to your prospects. It’s definitely the right one for you!

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