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Steps Involved In Procuring An EV SSL Certificate

January 1, 2014 | By Editor 

EV SSL Certificate

The concept of encryption is fast catching up now but for a long time, there has been multiple encryption solutions available for online merchants. Even though, the primary idea of using this technology is to keep credentials safe and not expose passwords in plain text, it also plays an integral role in determining the level of customer trust a website could gain. The EV SSL or extended validation is considered the most secure of them all because it is issued only after a slew of verification processes are conducted on the website that requires the cert. This kind of filtering system wades cyber criminals off and when any website uses this highest certificate available, they gain the advantage of green address bar. It is a visual sign that immediately strikes a chord with customers, encouraging them to buy items or services from the said website without any security concerns.

 Another advantage users gain by going for EV SSL is that they get higher protection against phishing attacks than when using this better possible security available. The certificate authority is responsible for conducting the research required before approving one such certificate, first and foremost step is to see if your organization has been legally registered with the government body. It will also be cross checked whether the registration is valid and still active. The next process is to check the address that you have provided for verification as well as the phone number associated with the company. The company’s rights and exclusivity to the domain applied for will be checked to ensure they are buying a certificate for the same website. It will be done by asking them to upload files onto the server or in the website display area.

 An individual who applies for the certificate will be checked to ensure he or she is part of the organization. Fraud cases where impersonation took place makes this a mandatory step, as implemented by the certificate authority. Any instance of the organization’s name in the blacklist or government’s banned list will be devoid of the certificate. Such strict measures ensure that EV SSL continues to be the most trusted of them all. Because of the extended verification process, you will not be able to procure a certificate instantly. It will take few weeks time before verification files are submitted to the certificate authority and they decide to approve it. Multiple benefits and instant customer trust gained with green address bar makes it a must have for merchants.

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