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Know How To Get EV SSL Certificate Approved

April 10, 2013 | By  

Getting the most premium certificate approved might sound tad difficult but once you know the procedure involved, obtaining EV SSL is an easy affair. Most big companies, organizations, banking sector and online shops rely on extended validation because it is the most widely trusted of all. And, in order to ensure that the cert continues to remain trusted, certificate authorities who are responsible for issuing them use some strenuous steps for identity verification. The physical existence of an organization is the most important of them all. If you own a company, like to sell a product in your online store or do banking transactions, you are responsible for justifying your existence with various registrations as well as government issued identification documents.

The first step to buy ssl

The first step to browse through various certificate authorities and the pricing of different ssl certificates that they offer. While EV is what you need, the cost may differ from one provider to another along with the features included. Most of them provide good value for money and it is purely an individual’s decision on what to choose. After the initial stages and once you have applied for the cert, keep your documents ready because identification proofs are vital when the CA manually verifies your companies existence. Common stuff including company address proof, certified documents and relevant files should be kept handy. They may be required in a digital format as well as a physical format.

Get extended validation

Once you are through with the initial verification, the certificate will be issued. The existence of a company and documents will be checked every year. Besides, make sure that you apply prior to the website’s launch because unlike instant certs, this may take awhile to get approved so that you can upload it to your server. Going for cheap ssl certificates will definitely allow you to save money and invest them in the development of your company. Browse through certificate authorities, the offers that they provide and features before finalizing your purchase.

With every Comodo EV SSL purchased, you will get the reputed green address bar which is considered the most premium of all by consumers. They will immediately recognize that the company that they are dealing with is highly legitimate. Comodo has successfully met the needs of multi-national corporations, small establishments and online retailers with professional encryption solutions. Get yours from a certificate authority who have maximum credibility among consumers around the globe.

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