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EV SSL And Steps To Buy The Certificate

March 18, 2013 | By  

For starters, SSL certificates are a mandatory tool for any e-commerce website, online store or any type of web page with ev ssl being the premium one, that might collect private user data on a regular basis. This is a step to ensure that any information shared online has not fallen into the hands of those who may end up using it for illegitimate purposes. EV SSL are  premium certificates that are used to denote to users that their information is always shared in an encrypted format and will not be tampered by any third party until it reaches the intended server. For better usage scenario and to satisfy a whole lot of different application purposes, the concept of varied types of certificates were introduced. Each one of them are issued based on factors like domain validation, company or organization validation and extended validation or EV SSL.

This how to guide is all about the basic factors involved in purchasing an EV SSL and different facets of the cert that you should take note of before confirming the service provider.

 What is extended validation or EV SSL?

Even though, the secure sockets layer system is in vogue for years now, the EV SSL was introduced later in 2007. Introduced by the certificate authority browser forum, it is considered to be the most premium of them all and is issued only after thorough verifying the credentials of the applicant through a rigorous process,  by the issuing authority. A list of documents have to be produced before one can receive this encryption certification. Companies or business who have reputation for proper service, product quality are the ones that can receive EV SSL.  The pricing for an EV SSL is usually higher yet it is worth because you can gain considerable buyer trust.

Before installing an EV SSL:

  • Check out the list of certificate authorities who offer this service. There are about five popular providers apart from cheaper companies as well.
  • Avoid going for CA who offer the cheapest solution, unless you are not keen about generating solid trust from your customers. You can always buy cheap SSL certificates from reputed companies as well.
  • Check out other features provided with the EV SSL package like free installation, support and more. This ensures you get value for money.
  • Make sure all basic features are provided by the CA including green address bar, Site Seal and padlock sign. It is mandatory to receive all these when buying an EV SSL because it is  the purpose of using extended validation to ensure your credibility among customers.

Comodo offers reliable SSL cert solutions for everyone. Buying from a reputed certificate authority like Comodo has its advantages.

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