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EV SSL Installation Made Easy With Cpanel Or WHM

April 29, 2013 | By  

SSL Certificate authorities provide exceptional technical support, but it is the responsibility of an individual to install the certificate properly on their server. If you find it difficult to get your EV SSL installed on your WHM or Cpanel server, make use of this simple guide which will take you through the various steps involved in it. The methods are almost similar but because of the backend panel used, Apache and Cpanel may vary from one another.  Extended validation will require ample time before the CA issues it to you because of the various steps involved in it. The physical existence of an organization, domain validation among others will be confirmed before you are allowed to download the certificate.

SSL Certificate Manager

SSL certificates manager is a section found in WHM. You should only use this to install and configure the encryption certificate. Make sure that you are the administrator of the conrol panel. Otherwise, you will not be able to get this task done as it requires full control over the Cpanel. By using the manager, complete the installation and provide the necessary details as below.

# From the certificate authority, you will receive a zip file. Post your website/ site certificate information provided along with this file in the first column. The name should be “domainname.com” .crt where the extension crt denotes certificate and you should use your website’s url name within the quotes.

# Keep all the information handy because you should fill in your domain name, user and ip address information in the second box/column.

# Find the middle box where the RSA private key generated by the CSR should be posted. All these vital information will be provided when you buy cheap ssl certificates but make sure they are kept secure at all times.

# Finally, there will be a bottom box area in which the CA bundle file should be pasted. By default, it will be titled as Apache_Plesk_Install.txt for verification purposes. The file can be downloaded any time as required as individual file through the Accounts Manager –> Downloads section.

In case, you find difficulty in implementing the certificate, you can always contact the live chat help and support provided by the certificate authorities. Final step is to click the do it button and you can check if it the EV SSL certificate is installed through various online methods. Comodo played a vital role in the CA Browser forum  initiating the extended validation certificate which is now being used by large organizations around the globe.

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