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Businesses Face Atleast 9 Attacks In A Year

February 13, 2014 | By Editor 

Business Cyber AttacksThe online shopping trend is exceptionally growing at rapid rate and malware attacks are witnessing an equally strong growth as well. Customers are being targeted regularly and the fact that atleast nine attacks are against businesses proves this claim. A recent survey held by a security firm to analyze the scenario made it evident that organizations are suffering more outings now than ever.

One of the alarming discovery that they made claims majority of the outage is caused by an external attack and nothing internal or maintenance issues. Cyber criminals find it profitable to bring out companies or for some reason, they like to prove their mettle by hacking a server. There’s also the new DDOS attacks where all they have to do is flood a server and stop it from being accessed by others. Companies and online shops can always choose to use EV SSL certificates, which is the highest possible security that they can get.

Even though, all the other types of certificates are designed to provide encryption services, the extended validation cert stands apart with the verification process. It deploys fully verified process where the domain should be validated and the organization which apply for the same should prove their existence as well. Only after everything is found to be reliable, the EV SSL will be granted.

An advantage companies gain by going with this coveted cert is that they will get the full green address bar, which is a visual indicator that helps gain customer trust instantly. This also helps you avoid any external attacks and customer information in encrypted format is much safer than any other method. The report was an indicator that companies should take more precaution when it comes to dealing with cyber intrusions.

Another alarming discovery made by this new survey is that half of the attempts were successful. In more simple words, five out of ten attackers managed to steal confidential information during the cyber heist. Some of them were kept in plain text format because the company it is a local server and hacking it wouldn’t be that easy using the internet. Employee computers were also used as a host to accomplish this goal. While EV SSL is ideal for online shopping and securing data, local servers need reliable encryption alternatives for proper security. Encrypted malware and sophisticated attacks are on the horizon. Every company has their own responsibility to protect themselves. Using the right defensive tools will play an integral role in getting the job done.

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