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Digital Certificate The Cons Of Skipping It

December 10, 2012 | By  

Contrary to popular belief, there can be a huge cost to not using secured digital certificates in business and at home. According to new data from computer experts, more cyber-attacks, malware and viruses are being discovered through simple email communication than in years past. Reasons for this are primarily contributed to the advancement in most computer antivirus programs used by smart computer users these days. Digital certificates help you establish your identity with intended recipient with whom you communicate with.

Why digital certificate is so important?

 However, the problem with many of these so-called advanced antivirus programs, that many companies offer is their inability to offer an internet security program that provides a reliable secure Digital Certificate – without incurring a huge additional expense. Fortunately for computer users across the globe, there is a free Digital Certificate offered by Comodo that will provide  complete internet security function that every computer user needs to have in today’s cyber world.

Every day emails are sent by well over 50 million people across the planet – and each one of them can easily be accessed and intercepted by third-parties. Quite often, these emails that are hacked can be re-routed and will never reach their intended audience. What will  happen to your business if this occurred and a sensitive email never reached your important customer or client?

As you can see, the results could be devastating to your business and could possibly lead to important files being stolen – ruining your credit and even end up forcing your business to close for good. This is why it is so critical to secure your email communication with the use of a secure digital certificate which truly provides complete internet security.

The Comodo secure email certificate is one that allows each user to sign a digital certificate to prove to any recipient that their email is secure, factual and does not contain any harmful virus, malware or other harmful files. This encrypted file protocol also ensures that the only person who reads your direct emails sent is the intended recipient. If for some strange reason the email is intercepted, the digital certificate will tell the recipient who the guilty party is that hijacked your email.

Another great benefit of using the Comodo Secure Email Certificate, to complete your internet security program on your computer, is that, it is extremely easy to use. It has a built in wizard that show you how to set up any email with a digital signature and encryption to ensure your email is not intercepted in cyber space.

Even better, unlike other security email certificates offered by other manufactures, Comodo free internet security extension works with several email clients including:

  • Incredimail
  • Thunderbird
  • Microsoft Outlook

As well as several email clients that are based on POP, IMAP, and SMTP clients. That pretty much covers the entire email industry available today. The Digital Certificate offered by Comodo is highly versatile, and a great one for both small business and private home computer users to use and download – again, for free.

Comodo is the company that is built on trust – so you can be certain and confident that any product they offer will be functional, user friendly and updated with the best encryption software available. When it comes to providing complete free internet security, the Comodo Secure Email Certificate is one that is not only extremely easy to use, but highly functional for your email applications.

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