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Digital Certificate And Internet Security Integration

December 5, 2012 | By  

There are several positive attributes to internet security programs, but one of the most underestimated features is email protection, that is  provided by Digital Certificate to computer users. Emails that are exchanged over the Internet can be easily intercepted and read by others. There is also the possibility that they can be re-routed or destroyed altogether.Once you secure your communication with digital certificates, chances of this happening are less. Digital certificates ensure that only the intended recipient reads you communication.

How Comodo digital certificate protects users?

 In several free internet security downloads, there is no built-in mechanism to ensure that email communications remain confidential, which can pose a problem for businesses and even academic institutions that may correspond with each other using confidential information. Securing such information and providing integrity of messages is an important requirement when communicating over the Internet. It is true that Comodo’s digital certificates provide complete internet security to users across the world.

One of the flagship products of Comodo is its Secure Email Certificate software. This product enables the user to sign emails digitally in order to prove that the content of emails, and their attachments came from the user. In addition, the user can encrypt emails and ensure that they are read by the recipient for whom they were intended. The digital signature means that no one else is able to change the content of an email or an attachment without the recipient being alerted that this has happened.Digital certificates are the most secure form of communication between different entities.

The software is easy to use with a built-in wizard that enables one to set up  a Digital Certificate for signing and encryption. If the recipient of the email also uses the Comodo Secure Email software, then their public keys can be imported so that the message sent to them can be encrypted. If this is not the case, then one-time sessions or single use certificates can be issued.

The email is then sent to the recipient, and it is encrypted and then decrypted by the recipient using the Comodo Web reader service. The advantage of this is that it enables email to be encrypted and decrypted at any time. Unlike other Digital Certificate software, the free internet security that Comodo application provides will hide all the details and process of public key encryption and enable the user to create secure messages as and when appropriate.

The Comodo Digital Certificate supports a variety of email platforms that include Microsoft Outlook, Incredimail and Thunderbird and other email products that are based on SMTP, POP, IMAP and S/MIME which covers just about all the email products on the market. It is a versatile product for small business users and can be used by larger organizations in which network administrators can implement email security as a complement to applications for gateway encryption.

The digital certificate is a free internet security download offered to business and home users and can be easily downloaded from the company’s web site. When it comes to providing total internet security, the free downloads offered by Comodo ensure protection in all aspects of the internet security protocol. It is this dedication to providing overall coverage that has impressed computer users across the world with Comodo’s trustworthy products.

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