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Buy SSL Certificates To Protect Consumers

December 28, 2012 | By  

If you are a business owner who operates an online website – pay close attention to the next few words; your customers demand a safe shopping environment. Buy SSL certificates and ensure the safety of your customers. According to recent reports conducted by consumer reports, it was stated that nearly 84% of all online shoppers who bought presents this past year online for the holiday season only did so if the website they used had an SSL Certificate that was trustworthy. When you Buy SSL from a reliable certificates authority you give your customers the security to transact online.

Why online store owners should buy ssl?

That’s a statistic which holds power. It’s a simple concept – if you’re website doesn’t have a reliable, powerful and trustworthy SSL Certificate – you are reducing your potential customer base by nearly 85%.

This is why it has become readily important for any online business to Buy SSL in order to ensure a safe and secure connection exists between your valuable customers and your website. There are thousands of hackers and online predators that are anxious to hack into your website and wait until unsuspecting customers enter their secure information. And based on the statistics,  consumers are quite aware of this fact. Therefore,  Buy SSL and do not consider it as a luxury – it is a needed cost of operating any online business.When you buy SSL from a reliable CA you assure your customers of the security of your website.

So how does a company buy SSL that won’t break its budget? Honestly, today’s SSL Certificates are less expensive than you’d think – with many companies such as Comodo offering companies to download a free SSL Certificate to see how well the product works on their specific website. But, before you decided to buy SSL, let us give you some basics as to what they are, and what they do to protect your website and provide safety and security for your valued customers.

A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a complex software algorithm that provides a safety shield of protection on your web pages that transfer secured information over an encrypted network connection. SSL Certificates like the ones that are offered by Comodo, are designed to ensure that this connection between the website and the customer is not accessible by any third party users. A computer user can tell if your website has a SSL Certificate by simply clicking on the URL address bar and displaying the security certificate information on their web browser. Once you buy SSL you can ensure the confidentiality of your customers manifold.

Quite frankly, Comodo SSL certificates are some of the best available for any size business that offer several key benefits including;

Provide the Security Your Customers Expect

Comodo SSL Certificates provide the highest possible encryption level of all online transactions. Each certificate is signed with NIST recommended 2048 bit signatures and provides as much as256 bit encryption of data provided by your customers on your website.Buy SSL certificates from the pioneer in internet security, Comodo.

Extremely Easy and Fast Issuance

Each SSL Certificate is generated and websites verified online; which means there are no documents to fill out,  to mail or fax to the corporate HQ.

Industry Leading Technical Support

Every SSL customer of Comodo receives top-rated technical support for any issues they experience. This is especially important when you are installing  SSL Certificate. You’ll also receive a 30-day refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.Buy SSL only if you are thoroughly satisfied with the product and its features.

Today’s online world is a dangerous one for any online shopper, but becomes 99.9% safer when a Comodo SSL Certificate is used. Make sure you take the time to learn more about SSL Certificate and how they will power your online business to levels you expect it to grow. When you buy SSL from Comodo you invest in the future of your company.

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