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Buy SSL The Right Way, Know The Global Trend

March 25, 2013 | By  

When you buy SSL from a  reputed vendor you ensure the security of all transactions on your website. Around the globe, a notable surge in using secured access solutions is now witnessed. Latest reports and in-depth surveys do confirm that webmasters are more inclined towards using ssl certificates to provide a safer environment for their customers to shop. Besides, they are using encryption solutions more now than ever because of the fact that hacking threats are on a huge rise when compared to the level which was there a decade ago. A huge portion of the real world task is now being done over the internet which makes it an extremely powerful platform for both legitimate as well as illegal users. If you are an e-commerce site owner, you will have probably heard about encryption, safe data transfer and certification provided by reliable certificate authorities. When you Buy SSL certificates you ensure the confidentiality of your customers

Know Global Trends When You Buy SSL

While free SSL is simply a commodity, CA companies are also trying to Buy SSL to add more value to their services which will help them retain their customers. Among the two most popular variants, domain validated certs is cheaper, guarantees a fast turn around time and continues to be the top player. A huge number of online retailers  buy SSL to secure their website, while serious business owners have now started opting for organization validated or OV certs. They are also referred to as EV SSL or  extended validation certification that verifies a company’s presence. Some value added services introduced recently like the malware scanning and  the certificate verification system have gained increased popularity among buyers. When you Buy SSL you should look for the value added features that the product offers to ensure better return on investment.

Apart from the regular certs, the third place is held by wildcard ssl which is a valuable solution for e-commerce retailers who use multiple domains within their main domain. Sub-domains have a role to play in better search engine optimization, hence the demand for this type of certificate have considerably changed now. Buy SSL certificate that not only suits your business needs but also ensures maximum safety for your customers.

Boosting Sale Trends

When you buy SSL you invest in the future of your company. A considerable amount of retailers have reported that their websites generated better revenue after they added the trust seal and changed their url from http to https. Customers find websites with assurance to be more reliable to share their credit details and other information as they are intimidated by new sites without encryption. Buy SSL from a reliable vendor to ensure maximum security coverage for your website.

Comodo is a leading provider of SSL certificates and have successfully helped a vast number of online retailers get encryption solutions as affordable pricing. Comodo offers excellent value added services for all types of certs making the products provide best return on investments. Get your e-commerce site certified and gain customer trust for better business when you buy SSL from Comodo..

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