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What Makes Antivirus Software Better than Others?

January 18, 2013 | By  

Picking Antivirus programs to work in conjunction with your computer is similar to buying a car – it’s all about finding the right fit for your specific needs. Although many computer software companies try to confuse computer users searching for antivirus with highly technical jargon which requires an online dictionary to decipher  it, the process of choosing solid free antivirus software should never be that complex or complicated.

As such, here is a basic rundown of features that will permit you to discover which Antivirus software programs might be better than others.

First – The Best Antivirus Programs Should Always Seek Out Threats

A common difference between most Antivirus software is their ability to detect threats currently embedded on your computer vs. the ability to detect the threats online prior to the issue becoming a problem. In easy to understand terms, this simply means that the best antivirus software will be able to treat the disease and not the symptoms or side-effect of the virus.

Many Antivirus programs – especially several free antivirus programs will scan your computer system and let you know a threat exists; however in order to remove the threat you will have to upgrade to a highly expensive paid upgrade program. This is known as bait and switch tactics in the computer software industry and  is the reason why many consumers don’t trust many software developers. However, the best antivirus programs have the unique ability to detect the threat before they embed themselves on your computer. That’s what an antivirus program is supposed to accomplish in the first place.

Second – Ask a few questions of yourself when reviewing any antivirus programs

Here are a few questions that any smart computer owner should ask themselves when searching for the best antivirus program to install on their computer.

  • Does the virus protection program I am looking at automatically detect online threats or is this an upgraded feature of this program?
  • Will my computer need to shut down every time the antivirus runs a scan or even prior to the scan being conducted?
  • Will this antivirus scan every folder in my hard drive or just the primary folders? And if so, what measures are available to me to remove these infected files with this antivirus program?

Third – Ensure any Antivirus Program you download is User Friendly

You could find the absolute best antivirus program on the planet, but if it’s difficult to operate, it simply won’t work for your computer applications. This is why the best thing you can do when looking for a great free antivirus program is to make sure it is highly user friendly. A great way to check this out and verify this fact is to look for third party reviews of antivirus programs online. Listen to what the consumers experts tell you and test drive the antivirus program if you can through the companies online website.

However, one of the most user friendly free antivirus programs can be found through Comodo. The free Antivirus programs from Comodo are highly efficient at scanning online threats prior to embedding themselves onto your computer. They provide customers with reassurance that every product they offer is trustworthy, up to date with the latest technology and features and is extremely user friendly.

When you are looking for a safe and cost-effective solution to protect your computer from unwanted hacks, make sure to look into the products offered by Comodo.

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