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What Apple Owners Should Know About Antivirus Programs

February 12, 2013 | By  

Apple computers are simply – awesome. From the early days when the two ‘Steve’s’ and their third partner Ronald Wayne created breakthrough technology, to the powerful Mac and I-Phone’s that dominate a world communication network today, each product that Apple Computers develops is built on trust, reliability and effectiveness. This includes their unique ability to resist online threats. However, they are not perfect. And like all machines that connect to the internet, it is important that they use a powerful Antivirus program to help keep users safe when browsing online.

As such, if you are a Mac computer user, there are a few things you should be aware of in regards to why you should never trust the basic Antivirus protection that comes stock from Apple or any other computer manufacture.

Nothing is Ever 100% Fool Proof

Even though the designers at Apple are brilliant people, they are not perfect. Nor do they have the ability to spend countless hours online to predict the constant and evolving changes being deployed by online hackers, thieves and predators daily. It’s impossible for a regular computer to be 100% protected from malware and adware. This is why many free antivirus software programs can provide an extra layer of protection for even the most intelligent Mac.

The constant reality of the online world we live today is that when programmers develop a security program to resist online threats like spam, malware, adware and virus; a hacker is two steps ahead of them ready to find ways to penetrate the corporate security industry. It truly is a game to these people, but the result is that your computer can be significantly impacted negatively if it is not protected with some sort of extra antivirus program.

What Type of Antivirus Should a MAC user Install?

Now that we understand the importance of downloading and installing free antivirus programs for any Apple product, it’s also important to know which ones are better than the others. Without being biased towards certain vendors, the best free antivirus programs will include the following:

  • Free updates and downloads of antivirus security threats
  • Real-time scanning updates
  • Quarantine protection programs that will keep potentially harmful programs separate from your computer until the threat has been determined, destroyed and your network is secure
  • The ability to not only find threats, but eliminate them.

The Power of Quarantine – Keep the Virus Away

When you invest thousands of dollars into buying a reliable and trustworthy Mac OS computer, whether it’s a laptop or desktop unit, the key is to make sure you have the ability to separate any potential virus from embedding into the hard drive or files. This is what a good antivirus program will exclusively offer. This is the power of quarantine; and the best way to truly keep your computer safe from any malware, viruses or harmful spyware. When the antivirus has the ability to scan any online threats and keep them in a separate quarantined area until the threat is eliminated, your ability to keep your Mac OS computer safe and secure greatly improves.

In short, when you own an Apple Computer, it is very wise to invest the price of FREE in a quality Antivirus program that will truly provide a safe network for you to feel 100% secure in keeping your computer safe.

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