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Tips for Selecting the Right Free Antivirus Software for You

January 18, 2013 | By  

There are so many Free Antivirus programs available these days that many smart and savvy computer users get lost in the jungle of programs. However, choosing the right free antivirus software is much easier than you’d think. In fact, there are three-simple steps you can take to make sure the antivirus program you choose will be perfect for you and your computer needs.

Step #1 – Admit there is a problem

Just like any 12-step program, the first thing that any computer user who is looking for a good antivirus program to download is to accept that there  is a problem exists with the online world we live in today. This is a matter of fact – each year over 9 million people in the United States have their identities stolen; and most of these invasions of privacy are stolen online. But, when most people look for an antivirus, they usually do so to make sure their computers performance is not impacted.

This is an effect of having a virus embed itself onto your computer hard drive, but not the cause. Most viruses are created to penetrate your computer then send your vital information to the person who sent the virus in the first place. So in essence, people who search for antivirus to protect their computers performance are treating the symptoms and as opposed to finding a cure to the disease which are computer viruses.

Step #2 – Know your Computer Use

The second step for finding the right computer antivirus for your specific application is to understand what their computer is used for specifically. There are many types of antivirus programs on the market today that are designed for multiple computer applications. As such, beginning your search needs to start by knowing what you use your computer for each day.

If you are a gamer – then it is important to choose an antivirus program that offers solid online protection and can run updates frequently; as many online viruses come from gamer websites. If you use your computer for social media application, your threat level increases as well due to several viruses embedding themselves in clickable links that many people post on Facebook and Twitter.

Other important steps in this section include knowing your computers capacity for storage and speed. Some virus protection programs take up a lot of memory and require fast processors in order to work efficiently.

Step #3 – Verify that any Antivirus you download is certified from a reliable third-party source

No matter what Free Antivirus program you choose to install and download, an absolute must is that they should be verified and certified by a reliable online agency. Some of these agencies include:

  • AV-Test
  • NSS Labs
  • ICSA Labs
  • AV-Comparatives

When you stick to these three steps, finding the right antivirus program is a snap. In fact, one of the best Free Antivirus programs is available through Comodo. Each antivirus program downloadable through Comodo for free will make sure to treat the disease of online threats – and not simply put a bandage on the chronic issues plaguing the online community these days. They are very user friendly, operate with multiple operating systems and are absolutely free to download.

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